It's not rocket science. When a printed publication is thoroughly read-over (and held onto) by a neighborhood of affluent homeowners, a golden opportunity exists. We are proud to offer local businesses a simple way to land in the hands of ideal customers each and every month. And it's with the ongoing support of our advertisers that we continue to turn neighborhoods into communities!

Reach your market

Unlike news sites or email blasts, our printed publications are only available for whom they are intended — a win for residents and the local businesses who wish to reach them. It’s true that many traditional media outlets are downsizing, but niche, very specialized printing is on the rise because we offer advertisers two things the others can’t: quality and targeted reach. Not to mention residents want to read about people and happenings right around them. Thanks to a little something called FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), neighbors risk being “out of the know” if even one page of an N2 publication is left unturned.


Exclusive, targeted distribution


Local, affluent homeowners


Community-centered content


Long-lasting shelf life