Carpe Diem

Ah, the first days of spring. The days are getting longer, the weather warmer, and the foliage greener. Arguably the most rejuvenating season of the year, spring feels like the perfect time to reassess...

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5 Pros & Cons of Commission-Only Compensation

If the words “uncapped potential” excite you, join the club. Yes, there are some really rewarding aspects of commission-based roles – and we want to shout them from the rooftops, seeing as how our Are...

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The Legend of The Lunch Pail Award

You’ve likely seen the classic 1932 Lunch atop A Skyscraper image. Just close your eyes and set the scene:  Eleven construction workers casually sit in a row along a crossbeam, eating meals...

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Our Office is Jaw-Dropping...ly Plain. Here's Why.

FIRST IMPRESSIONSLet’s go back in time a year – before I called the N2 Home Office “home.”I was desperate to join a company that values its team members; one where integrity and humility a...

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Jason Hietbrink: The OG AD

Think fast. You are about to graduate college and must decide between a job offer with a stable, decades-old company offering a base salary plus commission and benefits, and an unproven start-up tha...

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5 Reasons We're Not Your Average Franchise

On the heels of Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500 list release, there are probably a lot of people who’d like to know more about the winning franchise opportunities. We’re pretty biased, but we think our Area D...

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Not Your Mother's Sales: Suzie Chafin Finds Purpose in Fostering Relationships

Suzie Chafin is not your typical salesperson. In fact, she’ll tell you that if she’d known in the beginning the Area Director role would mostly involve sales -- a position in which she excelled so much she now mento...

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We’ll Be Off the Grid For Two Weeks. Here’s Why.

From December 18 through January 1, don’t expect to hear from us. Not on social media, not in response to a submitted application, nothing. Why the silence? It’s for a great reason, I promise: Our team members will...

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It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year (for some)

Twinkling lights, wrapped gifts, merry songs, time off work – it must be the most wonderful time of the year, right? We wish this was the case for everyone, but for many, the holiday season c...

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Jshelby enlisted man edit
Straight From The Pub: One Veteran's Story

The excerpt below is an abbreviated version of a story published in the November issue of The Mill, an N2 publication serving the Gates Mill community in Cleveland, Ohio. While this story, written by The Mill edito...

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