Becky Clapper: The Original Area Director

First there was Duane Hixon (CEO) and Earl Seals (president). And then came Becky Clapper. This Pennsylvania native has the distinction of being N2 Publishing’s very first hire. And today, she remains our l...
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Mandi Wilke: A Pacer Personality

There’s a very important volunteer position that requires an encouraging attitude, a fun-loving personality, and most importantly, a planned and methodical approach to helping a group of runners...
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Announcing N2GIVES 2020 Nonprofit Partners!

As part of Human Trafficking Awareness Month, and ahead of Human Trafficking Awareness Day on January 11, N2 Publishing has announced details of the company’s 2020 philanthropic giving: $3 million ...
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Connie Vernon-Chase: In the Relationship Business

Good rapport: It encompasses everything an N2 Area Director needs for a thriving business. With a great group of readers who understand your mission of bringing the community together, an increasing numbe...
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What the Tech? Our Case for Building an Internal Tech Powerhouse

N2 is a tech company.Okay, we’re no Apple, and it’s more accurate to say we’re a media and tech company, but we can certainly make the “tech” argument. This is due to our thriving Technology department – now 20+ te...
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Military Matters | JR Spear

There are some hardworking, dedicated Area Directors at N2 who are also veterans. As it turns out, the two roles flow from one to another quite naturally. A great example: JR Spear, who used his sense of drive a...
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On the Clock: The Importance of Deadlines

Everyone has deadlines. Consider your morning alarm, studying for a test, or shopping for Christmas. Sometimes there’s wiggle room. Sometimes there’s not. At N2, deadlines are of the ut...
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