4 Things Millennials Actually Care About at Work

By Allie Hartzog Jun 28, 2018

Having won a really sweet award from Fortune and Great Places to Work for being one of the Best Workplaces for Millennials in 2018 – and being listed among some great companies like Asana, Cisco, and Salesforce, – we think we have a little clout to give some advice on what attracts (and, very importantly, keeps) Millennials at a company. First, it’s best to understand a little bit about this generation and sift through the stereotypes that – let’s face it – we all get a good laugh out of.

Millennials. They’re much more than the stereotypical inward-focused avocado toast-eating Instagrammers. And I should know because I am a Millennial, although I don’t go around shouting this on the streets because the label isn’t always synonymous with hard work and a strong character. I do feel like the tide for our image is finally starting to change for the better, though.

Google “Millenials work” and you’ll find that the big influencers in business (i.e. Fortune, Inc., Entrepreneur) mostly describe the positive attributes of, and necessity for, this generation in the workplace. After all, Millennials will make up 75 percent of the workplace in less than 10 years, according to a recent Forbes article. But as it turns out, we don’t actually care that much about nap pods and snack bars if our workplace environment isn’t built on a foundation of strong leadership, trust, and support.

Banking on the draw of cool buildings, fun incentives, and free food (although, if it’s free, it’s for me... am I right??) without a strong core leadership, aligned mission, and trust, is just like building a sandcastle and expecting to see it the next morning after a rising tide solely because you decorated it with shells and did some fancy carving on the outside.

They won’t stay, and it won’t stand.

So what do Millennials look for in a company, and what keeps them there once they’ve committed? Fortune does a great job of revealing key secrets to holding onto Millennial team members. An employer must offer:

  1. Authentic connection with management
  2. Work that contributes to a broader purpose
  3. Provided learning and development opportunities
  4. Fairness in promotion and advancement decisions

Ultimately, it all comes down to aligned leadership and strong company culture.

We couldn’t agree more, and we even have more to add, if we may. N2 Publishing exists to create really cool opportunities for team members to work with people they actually like, where they are inspired to grow financially, relationally, and spiritually. This goes for our Area Director positions all over the country as well as our Home Office team members based in Wilmington, NC.

Instead of droning on about our awesome leadership, the fact that N2 donates millions to the fight against human trafficking through N2GIVES, the learning opportunities for team members through N2 Academy, the work-ethic and culture defined explicitly in our Culture Deck, etc., I’ll just refer you to what some of our Millennial team members have to say:

“I love the trust N2 leaders have in me to allow me to work remotely and to work on a flexible schedule that fits my lifestyle. I also love the sense of humor that everyone at N2 possesses (thanks to our fun culture and the fact that we only bring on fun people). It’s really cool to be able to joke around and loosen up around our co-workers, supervisors, and exec team.” - Claire B.

"Having leadership that allows me to have creative freedom keeps things exciting and rewarding, and I love having the flexibility to travel and not feel like doing my job is a burden in the meantime. Going to work doesn't feel like a chore when you're in an incredible environment!" - Ross P.

"N2 has such a unique culture. They've brought in some of the brightest and most caring people I've ever met. Being at work, there's no feeling like being surrounded by those who love to interact, work, and create together." - Zander L.

“I like the autonomy. When I'm entrusted with more responsibilities, it gives me a sense of success, trust, and satisfaction.” - Maddi J.

“I would say my favorite thing about working at N2 Publishing is how we manage work and play. It's all about balance. We all wear a lot of hats and get things done, but still manage to squeeze in impromptu games of Jungle Pong and walk around wearing mullet wigs on any given day.” - Holly T.

“After having a few jobs, the thing I care most about in a work environment is the attitude. I love that N2 hires and keeps radiators – not drains! Even when everyone is busy, it's crunch time, and a lot is going on, knowing people are approachable and have positive mental attitudes makes a world of difference. #nobadvibes” - Gina F.

“Providing not just work but meaningful work, is so important to me. 40 hours a week is a lot of time – more time than I spend with my friends or family. For me, I need to know that all that time is going towards something I believe in. At the end of my career, I want to look back at my work and be proud of what it accomplished.” - Sara B.

“I love the people that I work with at N2. As N2's benefit and health care administrator, I know I would likely not enjoy what I do at another company, but because I work with such great people, I enjoy serving them and helping make their benefit lives easier. That all starts with our recruiting. We look for people who are passionate about N2 and have a positive, helpful attitude.” - Suzanne B.

No matter your generation, we think N2 Publishing is a work family work considering. Check out our open opportunities here.

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