Q&A with Griffin Leuck, N2’s Fitness Director

By Griffin Leuck May 18, 2017

 As part of Global Employee Health & Fitness Month, we’d like to introduce you to Griffin Leuck, our mighty fitness director! Find out how he ended up at N2 and what advice he gives to busy professionals.

1. How/Why did you end up in the field of fitness?

I grew up playing sports and focused mostly on basketball. I was offered a scholarship at a few schools but decided not to pursue that route, and instead focus on a career. I graduated from UNCW with a degree in Sports and Recreational Leadership with a concentration in Sport Management. Working out became my new love. After helping friends and family members get in shape, I decided it’s what I wanted to do for a living.

2. You have found a home at N2 Publishing. Why do you think this is the right place for you?

I love everything that N2 Publishing is about and what it stands for. I love being around people as much as I can. Everyone here is so encouraging and friendly so it’s the perfect fit. 

3. What message do you think it sends to team members for N2 to invest in a fitness director?

I think it shows the team members that N2 cares for every aspect of a person’s life. N2 doesn’t receive any insurance benefits for having me on board. They have hired me because they genuinely want people to be healthy and want to offer them a convenient option – to be able to walk down to the end of the hall and get a workout in while still at work.

4. In a nutshell, what is your goal in working with N2 team members?

My goal is to enhance the quality of life, both at work and at home, of all of N2 team members through fitness classes, as well as healthy programs and challenges. I try to do this through creating and sustaining an environment where everyone feels accepted, respected, encouraged and accomplished.

5. What are the most common barriers to fitness you see for team members at N2, and what recommendations do you make?

The most common barriers to fitness is scheduling. N2 Publishing is a business, and a fast-growing business at that. With the constant progression and development of N2, team members are working hard to grow the company. With this comes many meetings and scheduled appointments that can make it difficult to find time for exercise.  My suggestion is to make a habit of scheduling workouts during your day, just like you schedule meetings or any other commitments. Having it on your schedule ahead of time will ensure that you won’t get too busy and can keep exercise a priority.   

6. What is your favorite part of the job?

I love seeing people make positive changes, set goals and reach them, all while having a smile on their face. I love the community and family atmosphere that seems to happen when a group of people push and sweat through a tough workout together. I also love that people from every department in the Home Office come to the workouts, so it’s great to interact and get to know everyone on the team.

7. Tell us about your partnership with Sue, N2's Registered Dietician, and how your individual specialties work together.

Sue has been an incredible addition to the team and has brought a whole new dimension to what we do. She is incredibly knowledgeable and has an awesome personality. There is never a dull moment with her! Because of her, we are organizing our first-ever N2 Health Fair, which will bring tons of vendors from health-inspired businesses in our area to the Home Office. With her nutrition background and my fitness background, we are able to put our heads together and create some really cool opportunities like this for the team members. I am so glad to be working with her!

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