Opportunity Knocks

By Peter Viele Mar 22, 2016

For 12 years, N2 has defied the notion that print is dead. 

Despite the fact that you can find just about anything at the click of your fingertips in this digital age, we have been busy printing neighborhood publications. And guess what? We are thriving and growing. How is that possible? What makes us so different from the other, struggling, print media companies? The answer is relatively simple: Our people and our product.


The How is in the What

The difference with our publications is found in what we are actually printing. We connect neighbors with one another and with quality, local businesses by telling their stories. N2 cares about people the most, and part of our company mission is to “turn neighborhoods into communities” -- that’s why we print stories about people, their families, and their communities. These stories are brought to life within our pages. And these are the types of stories people want to hold in their hands and cherish for years, not just flick through on their phones. This presents both N2 and our team of talented individuals with a unique opportunity, as not many print media outlets are offering this type of service.

But most importantly, is our Who

The dot connectors to help bring these stories to print are our superstar Area Directors. Whether it’s connecting a resident with a business that meets their needs or hosting a “Neighbors’ Night Out” for the members of the neighborhood, the Area Directors are the point people that make it all happen. Aside from helping to build communities, the Area Director role at N2 is full of perks such as:

We need more individuals to help connect the dots in our communities. There are hundreds of thousands of stories to be told out there and opportunity is knocking for the right people looking to make a difference in their community. Answer the door and check out our openings now.

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