The Magic & Wonder of Our Work: Po Nui's Story

By Claire Barham Mar 23, 2017

It only takes one email for us to be wonderfully reminded of the special purpose N2 publications play in the lives of residents. Our leaders received such a message last week from Anne Low, an Area Director in Forth Worth, Texas. A sweet story paired with coincidental timing meant her neighborhood’s March publication will play an even greater role in her community.

“I want to share this amazing story about the magic and wonder of our work,” Anne begins. “Last night, Po Nui Cheung's life on earth ended. She was a survivor who lived through war, the loss of her oldest children to malnutrition, and persevered, living a life of abundance.”

In December, Po Nui celebrated her 100th birthday surrounded by her five children, 12 grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren. Great photos were taken and a wonderful time was had by all. Her powerful story and the smile-filled photos from the grand reunion were featured in the March issue of her daughter’s Fort Worth neighborhood publication.

Po Nui Cheung at her 100th birthday celebration held in December.

“My dear friend Robert Chu, her son-in-law, [told] me he showed [Po Nui] this beautiful article, written by her granddaughter Carolyn around 10 days ago. She lit up and smiled when she saw it,” Anne wrote.

N2’s Home Office team was able to provide 100 copies of the publication to be shared at Po Nui’s service this weekend.

“This means the world to their family,” Anne wrote.

“I feel like this is a special prayer for this family and am deeply honored and humbled to be able to do this for them through you all.”

The entire N2 team sends our best wishes and healing thoughts to Po Nui’s family. 


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