Creativity Meets Connection: Barbara Gart's N2 Story

By Grace Sanderson Jul 17, 2017

Barbara lived in a neighborhood with an N2 publication when the pieces started to fall together. Her twins were starting kindergarten, and she began the job search. That’s when she found  an opening for N2 on Linkedin. This led to a conversation with her Area Director about the position. Not long after, Barbara began her N2 journey in March 2014, went to print three months later and hasn’t looked back since.

“My background was in sales, marketing and event planning. Everything I’ve done in my career led up to it, but when I realized when my kids were going to school in the fall, I started looking for a job with freedom.”


Barbara and her husband are celebrating ten years of marriage and have twin eight-year-olds, Ilana and Jordan.

She stays active with her children activities including gymnastics, soccer, track and swimming practices. In her free time, Barbara enjoys exploring all that Colorado has to offer with her family, going to the movies and a good book (currently reading: A Year of Saying Yes).


Within the first five minutes of talking with Barbara, her love for creatively connecting her residents and clients is evident.

“I have an amazing neighborhood -- the people who live here are super fun, young families with couples in their 30’s -- so planning events is a blast.”

One of the ways Barbara stays connected with her clients throughout the year is giving small tokens of gratitude at Christmas. Last year, she gifted wine with custom labels that read “Elevate your Living, from Barbara at Elevated Living.”

“Having touchpoints is so important, it shows my clients that I am thinking about them and that I care."

Additionally, Barbara gives a framed copy of business’ Sponsor Spotlight along with a handwritten thank-you note for partnering with N2 and her publication. “It’s something they are proud of, knowing they were published in a magazine, and they hang those on their walls for customers to see.”


Barbara, both alone and in collaboration, hosts many events to benefit both her residents and clients.

Annually, Barbara and several other Area Directors organize an event for their neighborhoods at a local zoo. Offering free admission, the event drew in around 350 residents this year. Other clients also participated; including restaurants, a local DJ, several donated raffle prizes and one provided a themed photo-booth.

“The clients love the event because of the exposure, and the residents have a fun opportunity to get to know each other and other neighborhoods.”

Recently, Barbara has started organizing several in-home wine tastings in her neighborhood. Through using one of her clients who sells local wine, Barbara connected with a wine rep. The wine rep brings around six different wines and does a free tasting for the residents.

“Anytime I have an opportunity to plan an event in the neighborhood, I take advantage because the turnout is always great.”

Through coordinating restaurant reviews, Barbara allows residents to meet one another and eat together. She also encourages her residents to tell her when they return to a restaurant so she can share with the owner, keeping her clients engaged.

“The opportunity for our sponsors to be at events is so valuable -- whether it’s one of our big annual events, a wine tasting, a restaurant review, etc. To put a face to a name and get recognition is invaluable. Hearing stories of sponsors connecting to residents at events is very fulfilling.”


Since becoming an Area Director three years ago, Barbara has found fulfillment both on a personal and professional level.

“Having job that allows me to create, plan events, meet great local businesses and help promote them in the neighborhood, all while maintaining a work-life balance, is very fulfilling. I truly believe that the N2 Area Director role is amazing because we can work hard, take days off when necessary, and still succeed.


“Do events,” Barbara said. “They aren’t hard or scary, and there is so much value, especially for our clients. Events create an additional layer of marketing.”

When Barbara describes the advertising program, she explains that it’s more than just a promotion in a newsletter -- it’s connection.

“Making those connections between business owners and residents is as important as connecting residents to residents.”

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