Barbara Sheffield: Account Executive to Area Director

By Allie Hartzog Sep 09, 2019

There’s an inherent level of care and a sense of urgency when you want something to turn out well and most of the responsibilities lie with you. For instance, you’re likely more invested in keeping up a home if your signature is on the deed instead of just a rental agreement, when you can rely on a leasing office should any issues arise. Sole responsibility is more demanding at times, but on the flip side, it can also free you up to celebrate big wins more elaborately and feel achievements at a deeper level. Barbara Sheffield is experiencing this now as a fairly new franchise owner – and is reaping the rewards.

Barbara found herself rejoining the workforce in 2013 after raising two kids. She worked in marketing for a few years, and then found a fun, stress-free role as an Account Executive for her friend Linda Roman’s N2 neighborhood publication in Pittsburgh. For three years, Barbara sold advertisements and helped with events. She really enjoyed the flexibility, the selling, the socializing, and as she puts it, the “not-too-much responsibility” aspect of her role.

But when the franchise became available in April 2018, Barbara knew she didn’t want to look back and wonder “what if” had she not at least tried to switch from “Account Executive” to “Area Director” – from the supporting role to becoming the leading lady. The transition was, in a word, “overwhelming.”

Total Ownership

Being overwhelmed can be, and often is, a negative feeling – but that’s not always the case. Just because you’re feeling something immensely and intensely doesn’t mean it’s bad. And in Barbara’s situation, her change was overwhelmingly wonderful.  

“I thought I knew what I was getting into,” Barbara reflected. “The part I was not anticipating was the interaction with the families. I had not experienced that at all as an AE, and it was really a great experience. These families are warm, open, and supportive. It’s been such a blessing... and that aspect gave me warm and fuzzies.”

And making a sale has taken on a completely different meaning. Instead of simply selling an advertisement for someone else, she’s investing in her own business. The level of research and intentionality behind each meeting and every interaction comes at a higher stake.

The transition from Account Executive to Publication Director has been nothing short of rewarding and exciting for Barbara. She’s taken every aspect and made the franchise “hers.” And now she doesn’t have to wonder “what if.”

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