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By Claire Barham Dec 08, 2017

The perfect career opportunity isn’t one-size-fits-all. That’s why, in creating the N2 Area Director role, we didn’t bother trying to please the masses. But there are four defining characteristics of our franchise model – high-profit, home-based, turn-key, and low-cost –  that really speak to hard-working, highly-motivated change-seekers. So, while our AD opportunity isn’t for everyone, we believe (and know from experience) that the right people for the role launch more than a publication; they launch the start of a fulfilling, lucrative, flexible work-life.


When you consider work opportunities that can lead to real wealth-generation, sales and business ownership top the list. Our Area Director opportunity, at its core, is the combination of these two roles. N2 franchisees enjoy the ability to take home more income each and every month. While some publish one publication and are happy with the long-term, residual income they consistently receive, others push the envelope further, calling on more potential advertisers or launching multiple publications to see their income continuously grow as a result.

Want some numbers? Here you go: Of the people in the top half that ran a single publication, the average earnings in 2017 were over $90,000, with one person earning as much as $260,000. Of course, for people with multiple publications, the earnings can increase quite a bit.


“I work from home.” It’s a line many professionals dream of saying. For our ADs, it’s a true statement. Area Directors have the freedom to work from home – from any building, for that matter – as long as they’re able to meet with local businesses and residents of their publication’s neighborhood. There are two main reasons we believe home-based is a plus: 1) there’s no overhead cost for a physical location, and 2) cutting out travel time to and from an office allows for more time spent with loved ones.


As a franchise, we have systems and procedures in place that allow for a neighborhood publication to move from an idea to a real print-and-deliver product in as little as three months. But even before we made the exciting switch to a franchise model in late 2016, our ADs were benefiting from world-class training and development honed by more than a decade of success. Soon-to-be Area Directors, known as Area Director Candidates (ADCs), receive training and mentorship every step of the way – not to mention a “playbook” full of winning strategies. This is why someone with no sales background can succeed as an N2 Area Director; more than experience, it takes strong motivation and a willingness to follow the proven plan.


Most franchise fees, which cover the cost of initial training, support, site selection, etc., range between $20,000 and $50,000. In other words, to even get started launching your own franchise business, you have to be willing (and able) to shell out the big bucks. At N2, we do things differently. We’re new to the franchise game and are still in the process of growing our market share, so we want to make our opportunity accessible to people who may be new the game as well. Through the end of 2018, we’re waiving all franchise fees. We won’t ask our ADCs to hand over tens of thousands of dollars, but they do need enough money in the bank to support themselves for the duration of “ramp-up” (the initial months it takes to spread the word about their publication, sign agreements with advertisers, and gather enough content to bring the first issue of their publication to print). Like launching any small business, it takes a certain amount of time to become profitable. Our hope is that in waiving the often-hefty fee that comes with a franchise, the opportunity will be attainable for the people who really want it.

If you seek a work-life with uncapped potential that allows you to make a positive impact, work from home, and keep your life’s savings in the bank, know that a better opportunity awaits.

In 2017, 244 Area Directors had one publication. Of this group, 122 (50.0%) earned commissions in the top half of commission payments. 46 of the 122 (37.7%) earned more than the average commission of $90,785. The lowest commission earned by an Area Director in this group of 122 was $54,667.

160 Area Directors had more than one publication (between 2 and 4 publications). Of this group, 79 (49.4%) earned commissions in the top half of commission payments. 78 (99%) earned less than $300,000. The lowest commission earned by an Area Director in this group of 79 was $96,324.

Your financial results may differ from those stated above. See Item 19 in our March 29, 2018 franchise disclosure document for important assumptions and qualifiers relating to this information.

The information presented in this advertisement is general information only and is not intended as an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy a franchise. Certain jurisdictions regulate the offer and sale of franchises. If the offer or sale is regulated by any of these jurisdictions, we will not offer or sell you a franchise unless and until we have complied with all applicable requirements.

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