Building A Team With People You Actually Like

By Peter Viele Jun 28, 2016

The quality of our publications is a direct reflection of the character of our team members that put them together each month. Maybe that notion seems a little sentimental, or perhaps too ideological; after all, plenty of excellent products are made by less-than-excellent people.

So, why does our business model require good people?

For N2, our product isn’t entirely computer automated by machines and assembly lines. And that means we rely heavily on the fact that we can count on our people to get the job done in the right way. Whether it’s an Area Director connecting with residents in a neighborhood to find new stories over a weekend, or a press operator pulling extra hours on a holiday to make sure the publications get to the mailbox on time, we need every person on our team to give their respective roles 100%. 

But how do you build a team of people you can rely on?

Our people are emotionally stable, positive, focused and take pride in the end result found in each page. That mentality — the mentality that keeps a team focused on the end goal — creates a working environment where people want to do the work, but not because they feel like they have to. For us, building a healthy team means avoiding gossiping with thewater cooler gang.” It means that people challenge themselves to inspire and motivate the people around them. That defines the emotionally healthy workplace and culture at N2. Simply put, we have happy people on our team that love what they do.

Emotional health isn't just a virtue, though. It requires action.

At N2, we know that you can't just say “we value emotional health” and then wait for that to play out. We have an emotionally healthy culture that stimulates and promotes personal growth and job satisfaction because of the actual, tangible opportunities we provide. Many of our roles offer the flexibility to work from home, unlimited earning potential and making one’s own hours, while other roles offer health insurance, free workout classes, free lunch and learns, monthly socials and a super fun work environment. And all of our roles come with talented support teams, best practices coaching and a dynamic, camaraderie-filled culture.

When you actively seek only emotionally healthy people for your team, success is much easier.

Having a vibrant workplace full of emotionally healthy team members has propelled our growth and success exponentially and will continue to do so for years to come. Our award-winning culture continues to attract talented, like-minded and emotionally healthy individuals it also weeds out the negative, gossiping, self-important individuals that have the tendency to corrode office morale. Our COO, Marty Fukuda sums up how our healthy culture affects our success by stating, I'm often asked the question, 'What is the key to N2's growth?' In short, my answer is, 'Our people.' It's the way our people respond to opportunity and challenge, the way they take care of business and each other –their behavior, which can be summed up as the culture of N2.”


Breaking free from a negative work environment can be a challenge, but we have several openings if you’re ready to join our culture full of positive team players. Click here to learn more about our community-driven publications that connect neighborhoods with qualified goods and services, plus, preview our Culture Deck to find out more about what it’s like to be on the N2 team. If you’re ready to make the leap to a fun-filled and healthy work life, we need more talented individuals today!

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