Christine Knapp: A Mom Who Found the Freedom to Say Yes

By Grace Sanderson Jun 14, 2017

Christine Knapp had a vision for her future.

“I wanted the freedom to say ‘yes’ to my children,” Christine says. “Financially, I never want anything to hold me back from saying ‘yes.’”

Christine became an Area Director in 2014 after deciding to pursue her vision. Her tenacity enabled her to manage two publications, two children, and a new lifestyle.


Before starting with N2, Christine was in the middle of both a clinical mental health graduate program and a divorce — while also raising two young children. Being a stay-at-home mom for the past nine years, Christine knew she needed a career that would provide for her family.

“I had a vision for the life I wanted to afford,” Christine says. “I knew I needed to have a business that would allow me to pay for everything myself.”

She first heard about N2 through a friend who started a publication in Pittsburgh. “I thought she was crazy,” Christine says. But as her friend began to talk about how much she loved N2 and the leadership, Christine realized: “This is it. This is the best opportunity I have to build my income to the level I need to support my kids, buy a house, and live the life I want.”

Committed to her vision, Christine went to training in June of 2014 and ramped-up her publication in a short span of eleven weeks.

Of course, transitioning from full-time mom to business ownerwasn't easy, but Christine feels grateful her children were able to watch the process. "When you own a business, there is a time for work and for play. They know when to ask if mommy has a deadline, and I like being that example,” Christine says.


After her first publication went to print, Christine had to readjust both professionally and personally as a single mother of two and a new business owner. Despite these changes, Christine's tenacity and motivation for her family drove her forward, and she grew her first publication until it was almost fully sold-out. And with one successful publication under her belt, she took on a second publication. And with two successful publications, she took on a leadership opportunity within the company. “With N2, I had the freedom to work when needed and to deal with my personal chaos when needed — while my income still grew.”

Not only did Christine find ways to provide financially for her children, she was also able to be there for them as, they too, went through some big life changes. “I couldn’t have invested nearly as much in time in my kids’ emotional well-being if it weren’t for N2.”

PICTURED: Christine's children, Alexandra and Maksim


During her eleven weeks of ramp-up, Christine was often asked why she was starting a neighborhood publication. And for her, it was more than just providing for her family — it was fulfilling a lifelong dream of bringing people together. “When I was a little girl, I used to always say that I wanted my career to make the world a better place, and by giving neighbors a chance to know neighbors, I’m doing that.”

Christine is also successful because she believes 100% in what she is doing. Using her passion of bringing people together, Christine has built successful friendships throughout her journey as an Area Director. “I am deeply passionate about bringing people together and creating a sense of community. One thing I have found that I enjoy the most about N2 is the ability to capture people’s stories and put it on paper for others to see.”

“Everyone has a story and there is something very empowering and validating when someone cares enough to write it down.” Giving a voice to people’s stories is exactly why Christine loves what she does, and why “work” never feels like work.


Within five minutes of talking with Christine, it's evident that her role as a mother takes the highest priority in her life.

Last year, Christine was busy ramping-up her second publication as well as starting a new role as a Development Director. Soon, Christine began to hear complaints from her children about her heavy workload and realized she needed to step down from the leadership position.

Through the process of stepping into a leadership position and stepping down, Christine spoke about the incredible support given by N2 and by the leadership — particularly in choosing to make motherhood a priority. “I have always felt confident and supported by N2 in that my priorities are theirs too: motherhood comes first.”

Now, Christine is able to balance work, family and hobbies like yoga, Pilates and running. Christine is also moving into a different leadership position that better suits her lifestyle.  

“You can’t pour yourself out more than you are being poured into, and N2 is intentional about giving you the tools you need to balance work and home.”

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