Design with Heart: Meet Tanya

By Sara Ballhaussen Feb 24, 2016

Tanya has loved to draw since a young age.

She came from a big family, but spent her time in an art notebook. By the time she got to middle school, she had started drawing on the computer. Simple stuff. Newsletters for the school. Artwork for the cafeteria. But her passions kept her motivated for more and her skills pushed her on.

Today, Tanya is an Assistant Creative Director on the N2 Design Team.

"I love designing magazines and doing ads. I actually started out my path as a graphic designer doing newspaper layouts in a small town. And now that I'm an ACD at N2, I help out other designers. I get to help them grow in their designs. I love doing that."

When you meet Tanya, she’s instantly friendly. She’s spunky in a way that makes you like her before you know anything about her. And when she tells you she’s “quiet,” you hardly believe it.

“This job was really challenging to me at first. I’ve never been someone to lead others. But I’ve been pushing myself and I really enjoy it. Everybody on the team is really solid. You don’t always find that.”

By day, Tanya is a designer through and through. She spends her time managing work flows and challenging other designers on her team. But by night, she's a mother of two young boys: Joshua (7) and Jaylon (13).

"I've set my schedule to fit my life. I work from 6 am - 2 pm, so when my kids come home, I can do their homework with them. I make dinner at 5:30, and my husband comes home at 6:30. It works for us."

Tanya’s journey with N2 started with a Craigslist post. She was looking for graphic design jobs near the beach, and she saw an opening at N2. She laughs now as she talks about how she applied three times before being offered a job.

Now, two years later, Tanya is one of the many qualified people helping shape the skills of N2 newcomers and veterans alike.

“The people here are so friendly. It's rare that you find a company like that. All of the leaders I've dealt with have always been so helpful and have really got your back. That's rare. N2 is awesome.”

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