Four Tips for Healthy Holidays

By Peter Viele Dec 14, 2015

There is a frenzy of busyness that tends to creep into our lives during the holidays. We have so many things vying for our attention this time of year, from finishing up work’s year-end responsibilities, preparing for family visits, shopping for presents, to preparing meals and decorating our homes, it’s no wonder we feel rushed during the holidays. Add a heaping dose of technology co-dependence that we all suffer from and you have a recipe for utter melt down … if you’re not mindful. Maintaining balance is more important than ever in this season and N2 is dedicated to enhancing our team members’ lives through wellness programs to help combat the potential for holiday burn out by encouraging a healthy work-life balance.

Griffin Leuck, our N2 Fitness Instructor who leads two or three workout classes a day for our team, has a few holiday wellness tips to help all of us maintain balance throughout the holidays:

Keep your work outs consistent  – With travel time and time spent with family, the holidays are no doubt going to be busy. As work commitments slow down, family commitments ramp up. Try to keep your workouts as regular as possible, whether it’s waking up a little earlier to get it in before spending time with family, or having a few body weight exercise workouts to do so that they can be completed wherever you are.

Don’t skip breakfast – Try not to get in the mindset of not eating breakfast because you had a big dinner the night before and you don’t want to add more calories to your day, or because you want to save your calories for the big family dinner. Regardless, eating breakfast is proven to boost your metabolism, helping with weight loss. Also, people who eat breakfast are more likely to make healthier decisions throughout the day. When you wake up, your body is in a fasting state, because you haven’t eaten in six, seven or eight hours. Even if it’s just a piece of fruit, do yourself and your body a favor and have some breakfast to kick-start your metabolism.

Portion Control – I know, I know. This is the last thing you want to hear about when turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes with gravy, rolls, and desserts are spread across the table in front of you. Whatever foods you love to eat, eat them! Don’t deprive yourself. This time of year is a time to celebrate and enjoy good food, so do so. Just keep conscious of how much of it you’re eating. Maybe you make it a goal to not go for seconds (or thirds!), or add some extra green beans on your plate, or drink a big glass of water before a meal. Little tips like these can go a long way in helping you reduce calories.

Get others involved – The majority of this time is going to be spent with your family. Take advantage of this opportunity to bring everyone together by doing something active. Go for a bike ride or a jog, play some pick-up basketball or touch football. This can be a fun, active way to get off the couch and enjoy your company over the holiday.

N2 is focused on the overall wellness and the work-life balance of our team members not just during the holidays, but year-round. Our team in the field enjoys schedule flexibility, unlimited earning potential, coaching seminars and calls, conferences, and the ability to work from wherever they call home. While our Home Office team enjoys excellent vacation time off, a two-week office closure during the holidays, monthly “lunch and learns”, team socials and our on-site fitness instructor. And, everyone is also offered a marriage counseling seminar stipend as part of our mission to “strengthen the family.” If you are looking for a healthy company and team to join, check out our openings.

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