From Financial Services to Freedom: Scott Dahs’ Transition to N2 Publishing

By Sally Masten Oct 24, 2016

Scott Dahs knows about stress. 

For more than fifteen years, he worked in the financial services industry. During that time, he watched the industry morph into a fiercely competitive, intensely challenging environment.

“There were so many changes in banking,” Dahs says, “in the demands that we had, in terms of the hours that we were working, and it just made it very difficult on the family component of my life. You’re basically working all the time.”

Not only did demands increase, but the environment as a whole became, he says, “highly regulated, extremely competitive, and stressful.” 

So, a little over a year ago, he went looking for something else. 

The company he discovered was N2 Publishing. More importantly, he discovered what comes along with working for N2: freedom, support, and community. And those intangible benefits created a huge change in Dahs’ life. 


After grinding out 50- and 60-hour weeks in his previous job, Dahs revels in his newfound freedom.

He still works hard — his work ethic is well-honed, after service in the military and his long run in financial services — but he finds that work rewarded at N2. “It’s a great earning opportunity,” he notes. “You can really earn as much as you want. It’s all a matter of how hard you’re wanting to work.”

He likens it to running your own business, with benefits like “setting your own priorities and working at whatever pace you want to,” while remaining under N2’s umbrella. 

“I just love it. It’s just such a great fit,” he says.

And Dahs will have even more free time at home these days. He and his wife recently became empty-nesters, with both their children off at college. With the flexibility that N2 offers, Dahs says that he’ll be able to enjoy traveling with his wife, a teacher, during her summers off, or just taking a weekend away to visit their kids. 

The freedom at N2 has given Dahs back some family time, some travel time — you might say it’s put some life back in his time. 

And though he’s only been with N2 for about two years, he’s already found that balance where, he says, “I’m setting the schedule, instead of the schedule running me.” 


Of course, shifting gears into a whole new industry isn’t easy, but Dahs found N2’s support system incredibly helpful in making that transition. 

“The great thing is that N2 gives you the resources and the structure, as far as what you need to do,” he says, “but at the same time, you set your own individual goals and ultimately you determine what that looks like.”

That support doesn’t end after the initial few months, either. Dahs continues to draw on the support of his local team. “We have a pretty established team here in central Ohio,” he says. “They are very supportive, and they help you learn what you have to do.” 

Dahs draws on N2’s national network, too, staying connected with the company as a whole. “Twice a week they have national conference calls where they talk about ways to be successful,” Dahs notes. “And they also have conferences three times a year — one regional and two national.”

For Dahs, support and freedom are interconnected, and together, those things have helped him find success and satisfaction in this new role. 


In his previous job, Dahs primarily worked with huge institutions. In this job, things are a little more personal.

“It’s refreshing. It’s nice to be dealing with the people or the businesses that you utilize and see every day,” he says. “In my prior business experience, I didn’t get the opportunity to connect with my clients on such a personal level.” 

Through his work at N2, Dahs is helping to build community. And he’s even becoming a little bit famous.

A local civic association asked him and his staff to ride in a convertible during their annual 4th of July parade. They practiced waving and smiling, and they basked in the chance to be celebrities for the day. 

“They said that we had such an impact on the community that they wanted us to ride in one of the cars typically reserved for city officials or other distinguished guests,” Dahs says. “That is when I realized that our little magazine was having a big impact on the community.”


Dahs has found so many benefits in working with N2. But what’s most important to him in the end? He explains that “what really makes N2 different are the people. It is a caring company. N2 cares for its people and its product. Everyone is always willing to help you regardless of your experience level.”

That constant support — not to mention the freedom from stress that comes with it — makes a world’s worth of difference for Dahs, for his family, and for his community. 

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