Guarding the Culture by Keeping Entitlement Out

By Peter Viele Jun 01, 2016

We guard our N2 Culture very closely.

It’s vital to our success. That’s why we strive to find only the right people that fit our culture to put on the N2 bus.

While the N2 Culture Deck is quite comprehensive, nearly the whole sum of it describes that we look for individuals who are the antithesis of entitled. We make it abundantly clear that our environment and culture is one that depends upon collaboration and team work, so it goes without saying that our Culture Deck tends to filter out many potential candidates. They are the types of candidates that may have an incredible resume and talent, but their sense of entitlement from their previous accomplishments hinders their ability to work on a team and behave the way an owner of the company would – with a single-minded focus for overall success of the company, not just their own personal success.

Unfortunately, this sense of entitlement purveys like a virus and is something that can destroy the whole team, and that’s why we avoid these entitled individuals like the plague.

Entitled team members typically exhibit the opposite traits of what we we’re looking for:

  • They’re not emotionally healthy
  • They’re usually the brilliant jerks 
  • They’re rarely loyal
  • They watch the clock, waiting for the end of the day
  • They don’t know how to sacrifice with short-term inconveniences for long-term rewards
  • They take the credit when things go right and avoid the blame when things go wrong
  • They don’t own their mistakes
  • They intimidate and manipulate instead of inspire and motivate
  • They feel like pitching in to pick up a piece of trash on the floor is beneath them 
  • They drain resources instead radiating energy to their teammates
  • They place themselves above others
  • They don’t know how to be a student and don’t look for ways to improve
  • They are all about “me” and not “we”
  • They don’t believe in the “function over flash” mentality

Entitlement erodes the morale of the workplace environment.

Once it infects, it spreads. “Well, if she doesn’t think running our weekly reports is important, then I certainly don’t need to be doing it!” It breeds jealousy, negativity and contempt.

And when we look to add new people to our N2 team, we recognize that, though someone may have performed admirably at previous jobs and is extremely qualified, it doesn’t mean that they’ll excel here. We won’t add the talented scholarship player that doesn’t understand the concepts of humility and teamwork to our roster. Instead, we’re looking for the scholarship player that takes the walk-on approach – one who works hard for their entire team regardless of what they’ve achieved with previous teams.

We need hard workers who understand the importance of team success, and that individual success happens as a natural result. If you’re looking to join a winning team that is free from pretensions and the burden of entitlement, we’re ready for you – check our openings today and get ready to join a camaraderie-filled, uplifting, fun and supportive culture!

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