Holiday Crunch Time

By Peter Viele Dec 15, 2015

We’re now in the homestretch. Thanksgiving is behind us, trees are being trimmed, Christmas hits are looping nonstop on the radio, shoppers have whipped themselves up into a peppermint mocha’d frenzy, and our holiday break is only a mere three weeks away. It’s holiday crunch time for our N2 team. While everyone else is dreaming of sugar plum fairies, our magical Editor, Designer, and Print Team elves are hustling through the night and wee hours of the morning to make sure each publication is beautiful, ready for print and delivered to all the residents’ doorsteps on time. With only a handful of holiday deadlines left, our team is ready to tackle these last few weeks with accuracy, speed, consistency, while enjoying themselves in the process.

Consistency is a key factor in our publications and likewise, we place great emphasis on consistency with our team members. This is an especially important aspect of our culture this time of year with increased workloads. As each one of our pubs passes through the hands of our Area Directors, to the Editors, Designers, and Prepress all the way to the actual printing process, we aim for excellence, not just in content, design layout, and binding, but in maintaining that consistency throughout our hundreds of publications and thousands upon thousands of copies that go to residents each month. As this is the last few weeks in the year, shortened deadlines aren’t going to stop our team from performing their best to ensure each pub is perfect – they go the extra mile regardless of how tired they might be and to whom goes the credit.

We know we can expect our team members to be consistent regardless of how busy this season tends to be – it’s a cultural competency. And though our team members are accountable to their performance, one of the actions we highly value at N2 is when a team member asks for help when they need it. Everyone needs a hand occasionally. Asking for help shows that they are putting the needs of their team above their own because they understand that it requires teamwork for N2 to be successful – and their team members will always step up to lend a hand.

Yeah, sure, the pressure is on. But, we remember, “we have enough to win” and we have an amazing team that will make sure these last few weeks are not only “won,” but are filled with an incredibly fun, joyous, and camaraderie-filled atmosphere. We have “Christmas Cookie Chaos” later this week, our annual N2 Christmas Party next week, and while maybe we won’t all be singing “Deck the Halls” in unison like Santa’s elves on the workshop assembly line, it’s a sure bet that many will be reciting their favorite lines from Elf and Christmas Vacation, as they share their workloads to power through to the two-week Home Office closure reward.

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