How Working for Herself Changed This Woman’s Life and Her Idaho Neighborhood

Brandi Wolf and her husband, Matt

"We’ve been able to increase our income and have developed some wonderful relationships in our community with residents and business owners. I’ve always had a passion for community and the small business owner."

Eagle, an affluent community of Boise, Idaho, used to be simply an ol’ farming community, but has now become a thriving town with a population of 30,000. People move here from all over for the charming lifestyle and a slower pace of life. My husband, Matt, and I love riding our bikes to the farmers market on the weekends in the summer and everything we need is close by. We hear a lot of the same from other residents. It’s fun to bring the community closer together by sharing meaningful stories for the whole family through Eagle Life and Meridian, Eagle, Star, East Nampa BeLocal. If everyone knows each other a bit better, then it’s easier to let go of the things that divide us and find out what aligns us.

I’ve had an entrepreneurial spirit pretty much my whole life and am not a huge fan of working for someone else. I had my first interview with N2 in April 2018 and took over an existing publication that September. Over those next six months, I ended that pub, and launched Eagle Life in March 2019. A year later, my husband and I launched a BeLocal publication for the surrounding area and he was able to quit his job to help me run the publications full-time.

Resident Reception

When your first piece of feedback on a new business venture is someone going out of their way to thank you, you know what you’re doing is special. The residents were so receptive to Eagle Life. When the first issue went out, I got a call from a woman who had lived there for decades. She was so excited to get it and called me to say ‘thank you.’

We’ve had some fun events in the community and managed to pull one off this past September at a local winery. We also have a private Facebook group for our local advertisers. We currently have about 140 people in the group and encourage folks to get together, do business with each other, and find ways to support the local Boise community.

Business Appreciation

We also make great use of the 501(c)(3) program N2 allows each month, allowing nonprofits to advertise for free. We are on the board of Sunshine for Claire, a nonprofit that helps children and families experiencing terminal childhood cancer. I am also on the sustainability board with Giraffe Laugh, a nonprofit that offers early education for children of all economic backgrounds with school readiness. They also have pantries at each one of their facilities to support families that need a little extra. We’ve donated ad space to the Boys & Girls Club to raffle off as well.

I feel like folks look forward to seeing the publication every month and have fun participating in the ‘riddle of the month.’ We get a lot of feedback from folks telling us that they love a particular story or they know someone who should be featured next. We keep businesses in front of our community. We recently had a business renew that cannot explain how they are getting so much business in Eagle. But they have advertised in Eagle Life since the beginning, and they just renewed for the third year! Businesses often tell us how much they love being part of Eagle Life and Meridian, Eagle, Star, East Nampa BeLocal.

How N2 Has Changed Brandi’s Life

I’ve done a lot when it comes to my career path. I owned a boutique, worked in direct sales, real estate, and marketing for others. Sometimes when I was not sure what to do, you could find me working as a server. The money was always great and it’s how I met my husband.

Our quality of life has really improved. We both still work hard but are able to manage the hours and time that we spend working. We’ve been able to increase our income and have developed some wonderful relationships in our community with residents and business owners. I’ve always had a passion for community and the small business owner.

I heard about N2 while working for a real estate team in a high-end neighborhood in Phoenix, Arizona. Britt Bennet, publisher of Desert Living, called for an advertising opportunity in his publication. It was exactly what we were looking for – or what I had been looking for. I started doing research at home and discovered I could apply to become a franchise owner. We had made plans to move back to Idaho and this was perfect! My husband gave me the thumbs-up, and here we are today.

Brandi, Matt, and her daughter, Lexi

Brandi with her husband and daughter, celebrating her daughter’s 21st birthday.

We have two rescue dogs, Chili Pepper and Maxi Bear, and one rescue cat, Duchess, The Royal Highness. We love riding our bikes, enjoying the Idaho mountains and cooking together. Both of us have a creative side and like working on fun projects. Matt is a lyricist and an incredible cook and I like to paint and bake. We also love spending time with my adult daughter from a previous marriage. She and her boyfriend bring their dog Louise and come over for dinner on the weekends, or we find other reasons to just “hang-out” together.

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