Jenn Denham: Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop – Not Even in a Pandemic

Jenn Denham and family

Ever cheerful and ever determined, this hardworking married mom of two has demonstrated exactly how to keep moving forward during the COVID-19 pandemic.

A business in motion stays in motion – if Jenn Denham has anything to say about it! Ever cheerful and ever determined, this hardworking married mom of two has demonstrated exactly how to keep an N2 franchise moving forward during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thanks, YouTube

Jenn first learned about N2 in 2018 in a rather unusual way: through YouTube. After she and her husband Charles relocated with their two young kids from California to Texas, she was “looking for a way to connect with business owners” while marketing her own social media company. A YouTube video about the N2 product convinced Jenn of our “really cool business model.”

“I found the video of [CEO Duane Hixon] driving around in his truck, talking about the Area Director experience and the program. I loved it. So I called and went through the hiring process. And it was a pretty exciting ramp-up,” Jenn said, noting she faced many of the traditional hurdles over that six-month period but was “uber super-duper blessed” to be supported by fellow N2ers, including those in her market.

Insta Gratification

Jenn has been able to grow her business through Instagram. She lovingly refers to social media as her “security blanket” during ramp-up, having come to N2 from the world of digital marketing. From the get-go, Jenn realized she could use Instagram to “attract people from the community and attract businesses” to her publication.

“I first saw Instagram as a branding tool – a way to communicate what our program is in the social media space,” she explained.

Pandemic Pivot

The coronavirus crisis has made the use of online tools even more important this year.

Jenn shared, “From my background, I know that especially now businesses can communicate about what's happening in their business through social media.”

“The way the current environment affected me was just to get in motion. And my first response was not to sit but to move and just keep moving,” said Jenn, adding, “It's just really inspiring to see not only the Area Directors in my market but also the small business owners adapt and keep moving.”

Family Strength

At the time of this interview, Jenn hadn’t “physically left [her] house in about two and a half weeks.” With her husband Charles already a stay-at-home dad caring for their 2- and 4-year-old sons, Jenn is the first to admit that her dynamic with her “Three Musketeers” has afforded her a lot of life-work balance.

“I'm really, really blessed that my husband and I have this partnership where I'm not actually running a business and then making the kids lunch. My husband really handles everything that comes with the kids and we've been able to find a process that works for us,” she said, noting that even with the pandemic, “Nothing has really changed except for the fact that [the kids] can't go and play with friends across the street. They kind of wave from the driveway and say, ‘See you after the corona!’”

Looking ahead, Jenn wants to put more “processes and systems in place,” including eventually hiring staff for her publication. And she will continue to teach other Area Directors how to effectively use Instagram for prospecting and strengthening community ties.

“It just feels really, really good to be able to get into a place of paying it forward,” said Jenn.

Think there's no silver linings right now? Jenn is proving otherwise every day – and you can too.