Lifting the Lid: An Inside Look at N2's Values

By Peter Viele Jan 19, 2016

It’s easy to throw out a value statement full of fine-sounding buzz words. It’s a lot harder to actually live them out. At N2, we walk our talk. Of course, we’re not perfect. But we do really care about our N2 Culture Deck, and so we reference it often and hold ourselves accountable to those values. Not because they are chiseled in some marble column in the foyer of our office for everyone who walks in our doors to admire. No, instead of chiseling our values into marble, they’re chiseled into our handcrafted publications, and they’re chiseled into the culture of our team.  

What we value most about our team members:

  • They know what is expected of them, and they take responsibility for it
  • They work hard to be both accurate and expedient in their work
  • They’re loyal even if we hit a bad patch
  • They can own their mistakes
  • They behave the way an owner of the company would

From the Area Directors that connect community stories each month and the design team that beautifully orchestrates the layouts, to the prepress and editing teams that carefully scrutinize each publication, all the way to the print staff who ensure every single page prints exactly how it was intended, our values are evidenced by the quality of our work and the culture of our crew. Our people embody our values and this is revealed in our culture. And, when it comes time, our values are revealed in who gets hired and promoted, or who gets let go. 

It’s going to be tough to beat 2015. We not only had a banner year full of monumental achievements and awards, but we had a blast in the process. Approaching 2016 with a stellar product, the world’s best team members, and a genuine company culture, we know that we have more than enough to make this our best year yet. Our values make us who we are – and our values are what will make N2 unstoppable in 2016. If you’re ready to take a step in the right direction with N2, then check out our Culture Deck page to see if you think that you’re a good fit and then check out our list of openings.


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