Lindsey Germann: Publisher of Life on the Isles and Snell Isle Living

Lindsey Germann standing in front of a tree

N2 has been the most mentally challenging venture I’ve ever taken on and I’m extremely grateful for the personal growth it’s given me.

Resident & Client Relations

Both of my communities, Snell Isle and Venetian Isles, are primarily waterfront homes on secluded “islands” here in St. Petersburg, Florida (Tampa area). Driving through the neighborhoods, you’ll find tile-roof ranch homes, modern geometric masterpieces, and Spanish Renaissance mansions. The waterfront access is a boater’s dream and you can’t help but admire God’s work while experiencing radiant sunset views from literally any dock.

I’m grateful to hear from residents almost every month saying they’ve received their magazine and have already read it cover to cover the day it arrived. Throughout the month I often have residents contact me for referrals if they can’t find a business in the magazine for a particular industry or if they need someone while they’re away from home. I’ve become a go-to resource in the community. Their appreciation for the magazine and my efforts adds fuel to my fire. It boggles my mind that some of the homeowners even go out of their way to offer to coach me and help me grow because they truly want to see me continue to succeed. It’s been a blessing.

With that being said, I have absolute confidence in the fact that our publications, Life on the Isles and Snell Isle Living, bring value to our readers, and therefore to our advertisers. It’s exciting to hear when a magazine advertiser earns their first client and I try to take advantage of those moments and celebrate their wins to make them memorable.

How She Got Here

I came to N2 in 2017 at the age of 22. Prior to N2, I’d worked in Veterinary Medicine. My daily tasks ranged anywhere from front desk office work to controlling anesthesia levels during surgery. I’d always wanted to “be my own boss,” with hopes to take over the veterinary practice as the owners were building their retirement strategy, but that’s obviously not what God had on the agenda.

In 2016, one of the owners of the veterinary practice passed away suddenly and management quickly shifted. I was demoted with a pay cut and no answers as to when things would turn around again. I began looking at other opportunities. Outside of work, I’ve always been a bit of a car enthusiast, adding cosmetic and performance parts over the years to several different vehicles I’ve owned. Motivated by my family’s experience in coping with my mom’s breast cancer journey, I began organizing annual breast cancer awareness car shows. Needing help with all of the different resources required to host such large events, I was connected with Clint Jones, the AD of Belleair Living in Clearwater, FL. I was blown away by how quickly he was able to check all of the boxes for my car shows thanks to his business relationships and connections in the community. Naturally, I was curious, so he introduced me to N2 and reassured me that I wouldn’t be partaking in a pyramid scheme. It couldn’t be further from that. I started ramp-up in August of 2017, processed my first deadline on February 20, 2018, and acquired my second publication in the beginning of 2020.

Lindsey and her boyfriend in front of their home

How N2 Has Changed Lindsey’s Life

I love what we do. I love the freedom we have, I love our philanthropic arm, N2GIVES, our monthly non-profit marketing-support opportunities, and I love the financial success that allows me to live comfortably and give back to my community. Thanks to N2, my boyfriend of six years, Nick, and I were able to buy our first home in October 2019. Our spoiled kitties Paxton and Scout surely appreciate “window hunting” squirrels and lizards from the comfort of our sunroom. N2 has been the most mentally challenging venture I’ve ever taken on and I’m extremely grateful for the personal growth it’s given me. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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