Living in that Post-Gold Glow

By Allie Hartzog Oct 03, 2018

There’s something about winning “gold” that reminds us of a perfect sunset, when the whole world seems to glow. Our newest award is radiating that special warmth straight into our hearts. This year, N2 Publishing was voted by employees, the general public, and industry experts as the Gold Stevie winner for Employer of the Year in Media & Entertainment!  

Take it from us: this golden glow doesn’t come naturally. We’re feeling the warmth now because of a plan our leaders put in place from N2’s humble beginning. N2 began as a pipe dream for attaining more – more time for family, more financial freedom, more personal beliefs and values reflected in a brand, and more opportunities for hard-working team members. And since then, our mission to build a nationwide company that honors God, strengthens the family, and creates financial wealth for everyone involved has not only seen the light of day, but continues to change lives for the better.

So how does this all relate to the Stevie award, you may wonder. Well, it’s our story of impact that helped N2 stand out from the rest: It begins with team members who are happy and, thus, productive. This hard-working group leads to more sales and revenue. The increased revenue means N2 can – and does – increase our philanthropic giving. And then it comes full circle – this increase in giving motivates our caring team members who, now, are even happier and more productive.

This continuous cycle of a happy team, increased profit, and generous giving is the N2 Publishing way.

Even though creating and sustaining a strong culture is enough for us, we’re so honored to be acknowledged for it! And the esteemed Stevie Award judges even left us comments on our story of impact, which we are permitted to share below. With comments like these, we’re sure to be basking in this golden moment for quite a while.

“Congratulations to N2 for making the Service Profit Chain come to life. You invest in your employees, you measure results and the results come to your company. Keep on making this world a better place!”

“I particularly liked the fact that the company has a sustainable talent strategy and it values internal promotion with a striking 95% of the managerial roles filled via internal promotion. The culture deck is impressive, well written, clear and very to the point for the employees. N2GIVES is a great initiative of philanthropic causes. Well done for a good nomination and all the initiatives that N2 took to become an employer of choice!”

“N2 Publishing has outstanding and unique employee benefits and culture and their contribution to good causes is impressive as is their list of awards.”

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