The Legend of The Lunch Pail Award

By Claire Barham Mar 09, 2018

You’ve likely seen the classic 1932 Lunch atop A Skyscraper image. Just close your eyes and set the scene:  Eleven construction workers casually sit in a row along a crossbeam, eating meals brought from home in their metal lunch pails while suspended more than 800 feet above New York City streets. Talk about a powerful photograph.

Though the identity of the photographer, as well as that of some of the men in the picture, is still uncertain, there’s zero doubt these men were fearless, hard workers who truly went out on a limb to get their job done.

That’s the kind of dedication and commitment N2 is proud to recognize with our prestigious internal Lunch Pail Award. Given to a few team members in the Field and from our Home Office every year, this award represents old-school work ethic.

If you receive a lunch pail, it means you are willing to roll up your sleeves and get down to business. Deserving recipients aren’t afraid to sacrifice and go the extra mile for long-term gain. They aren’t simply recognized because of a few quality actions. It’s their consistent attitude; their lifestyle.

The physical award itself may not look like much – a beat-up, old metal lunch pail – but it symbolizes so much for us as an organization committed to recognizing greatness.

Congratulations to each and every N2 Lunch Pail Award winner from years past, and may all of our team members one day experience the pride of accepting this award for their dedication and hard work!

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