Make The Spring Leap To N2

By Peter Viele Mar 15, 2016

Spring is in the air. Trees are budding. Flowers are blooming. And as the warm sunshine breathes life back into our environment, it energizes us and gives us a sense of renewal. 

Pervading with optimism, spring is the perfect time for a new beginning, a new work environment, and even a new life. For every single one of our N2 Area Directors, there was a time when they had to make that same choice to start fresh and take a chance on a new path. When those Area Directors made that first leap, they found an abundance of support at N2 ready to help them navigate every step of the way on their new journey.

Our Area Directors know that the resources and support that N2 offers come in more than handy not only their first several months, but throughout their entire tenure here. Putting together one of our award-winning, beautifully-designed, community-driven publications each month does require a fair bit of work and a lot of talented hands -- and our Area Directors are not alone in this endeavor. There are incredible teams on their side to help make their neighborhood stories come to life on these printed pages every single deadline. We’ve highlighted several teams over the most recent weeks, but to recap, our new recruits experience support in the following ways:

  • The Home Office’s collective of dedicated teams – Field Support, Design, Editing, Accounting, Prepress and Print – that exist solely to aid each Area Director in actually constructing the residents’ news and stories, along with their clients’ ads into an awesome, printed magazine.

  • The Sales Leadership team exists to provide the Area Directors with optional programs like: Testimonial Tuesdays, in which the team shares their stories; weekly Best Practices Calls to offer insight on techniques; regional conferences to learn more about N2 and to connect Area Directors to one another; one-on-one mentoring with veteran Area Directors and Market Directors; and general wisdom on the Area Director ways.

  • Additional, optional perks to help the Area Directors achieve their financial, professional, and personal goals, such as: a volunteer Care Team that offers care, support, prayer, and encouragement in our personal lives; a marriage counseling stipend for married couples wanting to take a retreat; a very generous personal recruit incentive; a camaraderie-filled work community; no pay caps; leadership retreats for top performers, and much more.

Whether it was to achieve financial freedom, be their own boss, have more flexibility, work from home, or simply to join a winning team and a dynamic culture, our Area Directors have come to N2 from all walks of life and in many stages of their careers looking for a change. But it took the courage to consider a better life and to take a step. We at N2 encourage you to take that same first step by taking a look at our award-winning culture, our success -- despite the odds -- as a print media company in the digital age … and then take a look at our current openings. We’re ready to help you blossom.   

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