Meet Field Support, Our Home Office Heroes

By Peter Viele Feb 09, 2016

It’s our goal to make sure that no Area Director ever feels like they’re own their own out in the field. At the Home Office, we have multiple teams assigned to aid our Area Directors in specific areas throughout their deadlines. The Field Support team, in particular, plays a vital role in helping our new Area Directors. They offer optional one-on-one training through every single step of an Area Director’s first deadline and coach them on new N2 technologies as they are released. This allows a new Area Director to focus on what is most important: their neighborhood and their clients.

In addition to comprehensive training, Field Support assists the Sales Team members in accomplishing their goals through:

  • Dedication to the Field: Field Support’s sole purpose is to guarantee that each Area Director has the knowledge and resources to process their deadlines.
  • Support: True to their team name, Field Support does just that; they support the Area Directors as quickly and effectively as possible. Whether it’s taking extra time to explain a procedure or offering friendly moral support, the team is committed to ensuring the Area Directors have everything they need to do their jobs.
  • Problem Solving: Not every day is perfect, but Field Support is a team full of master problem solvers and they are ready to help if things aren’t going just right. There is no procedural issue that they can’t help the Area Directors confront and resolve.
  • Flexibility: Field Support is available more than 60 hours each week and is happy to accommodate the Area Directors’ availability when scheduling calls.

More than just a corporate “team," Field Support is comprised of a group of compassionate, kind and fun individuals that truly care about the well-being of our Area Directors. In-fact, when we hire new Field Support members, their personalities are the first attribute we consider – the members of this team are a shining example of what our culture is all about. Just ask any one of our hundreds of current Area Directors and they will confirm what we already know to be true: The Field Support team members are known to be caring, considerate, helpful and friendly. And to many on our Sales Team, they are the heroes of the Home Office. We are now hiring for Area Director positions throughout the country, and if you want to join our amazing team with the advantage having of our Field Support heroes on your side, then check out our list of openings.

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