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By Claire Barham Aug 29, 2018

Guilt often finds its way into the heart of a working mother. Are we “stealing time” away from our family if we succeed in business? At N2 Publishing, the answer is absolutely not. If you're looking to put your family first and manage a successful business, we'd love to meet you!


To give our people the best opportunity for a family-first lifestyle, N2 Area Directors get to choose when and where they wish to work – most opting to work from home during normal business (and school-time) hours. And because the work of an Area Director is concentrated around a single community, the need for travel is very minimal.

“For women, we are often forced to pick a career or motherhood. With N2, I didn’t have to pick. I can have success at work and still be a very engaged mom.”
Suzie Chafin, Area Director + Sales Director


We genuinely believe that becoming an Area Director is the chance to love what you do. Our custom neighborhood publications connect neighbors to neighbors and local business owners to hard-to-reach customers. Residents read the monthly publications because they are full of stories and photos about and for them. And advertisers love the publications because, well, residents read it month after month! So our people truly believe in our product – one that strengthens the community it serves.

Area Directors bring publications to life each month by generating advertising sales and serving as the liaison between N2 Publishing and the local community. While we don’t seek sales experts – we’re more focused on finding people who fit our culture –  previous experience is helpful. Regardless, N2 provides a world-class training program, a proven playbook, and ongoing support for all of our Area Directors. 

Area Directors connect daily with local businesses who
can benefit from brand exposure within the community.
Connecting is usually in the form of cold calls and following
up with referrals to schedule in-person appointments.

Area Directors build a strong presence in their communities
and with their neighborhood residents in particular. They
plan social events for residents and advertisers, and
collect positive stories to publish in the publication.


So you’re a mother… but you’re also a hard-working professional who wouldn’t mind being the breadwinner. For many N2 moms, the uncapped commission structure is an unparalleled opportunity to actually build wealth for their family. And earning a great income isn’t simply possible, but is being achieved by more and more women on our team. In fact, 43 of the 100 top-performing Area Directors last year were female. And if earning income is just the tip of your professional “iceberg,” we look to our current team of Area Directors when in need of new Sales team leaders, and 40% of our Sales Directors are female.

“I have always felt confident and supported by N2 in that my priorities are theirs too: motherhood comes first. I wanted the freedom to say ‘yes’ to my children. Financially, I never want anything to hold me back from saying ‘yes.’ This is the best opportunity I have to build my income to the level I need to support my kids.”
Christine Knapp, Area Director + Regional Coach


Success in business and motherhood is possible. N2 moms are proving that every day. So whether your youngest is still in diapers, or you’re nearly an empty-nester, there’s no time like the present to make a real difference in your community –  and a real difference in your income.

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