N2 Named Winner on Nation's Best and Brightest Wellness List

By Allie Hartzog Mar 07, 2019

Nearly every department at N2 Publishing has its own mission statement, along with well-defined goals and actionable plans to accomplish it. And per usual, we’d like to recognize a few of our people who have been crushing their mission lately: our Wellness team members! The fine folks at Best and Brightest agree – this team is hitting it out of the park! In fact, N2 was recently named among the winners in the national award organization’s Wellness competition.

The mission of our Wellness team is “to enhance the quality of life, both at work and at home, of all N2 team members through fitness classes, nutritional counseling, programs, and challenges. We achieve this through creating and sustaining an environment where everyone feels accepted, respected, encouraged, and accomplished.”

But this recognition from Best and Brightest doesn’t mean the team can now rest on its laurels. In 2019, their goal is for N2 team members to better understand “wellness” means more than just focusing on fitness and nutrition. Wellness also affects the familial, financial, and professional areas of our lives.

So, how do we make sure we cater to all aspects of wellness at N2?

Wellness Warriors

Having an in-office workout space is becoming more and more common among great places to work, but we are proud to take things one step further. In addition to having an on-site gym (known internally as Gainzville), we also have a full-time fitness director, Griffin Leuck, who leads several classes each day and plans annual events, like the N2 ping pong tournament, dodgeball tournament, Field Day (which includes a 5K as well as typical field games like tug of war and a three-legged race), and the Health Fair, where vendors from around our community set up booths focused on healthy living.

Griffin works hand in hand with Sue Kidd, a registered dietician nutritionist, who encourages team member wellness by creating monthly challenges. For example, in December, participating team members gained or lost points based on whether they ate vegetables, fruits, or sweets. This month, team members can earn points by stretching every hour and getting at least seven and a half hours of sleep each night. And through free one-on-one consultations, Sue sets individualized nutrition goals for interested team members.

And we can’t forget Suzanne Baker, our benefits aficionado, who not only leads the Wellness team, but keeps everyone in the company informed on medical insurance options, brings in financial advisers to talk to our Parent Support Group, and oversees the creation of The Big Book of Benefits. This 43-page document outlines every benefit N2 offers for physical, financial, family, personal, and professional wellness.

Together, Griffin, Sue, and Suzanne are our Wellness Warriors, but we also have Wellness Champions – a group of team members who are passionate about healthy living and have volunteered to make sure their teammates know about all of our wellness initiatives.


Fit Features

Many of N2’s leaders are known for a particular athletic hobby – be it ultramarathons, boxing, or baseball, just to name a few. The way they personally prioritize active lifestyles has a trickle down effect, even influencing the very benefits we offer. And leaders are always eager to participate in our physical pursuits, be it a competitive game of ping pong or dodgeball, or even when their role in the game is simply sitting still, waiting to be dumped on by our homemade dunk tank at the hands of team members striking a bull’s-eye (have we mentioned last year’s Field Day was a blast?!).

We also regularly hold in-office catered Lunch & Learns, during which leaders from N2 or the community discuss topics that matter to our team. For example, we’ve welcomed a financial adviser to discuss 401(k) plans, pediatricians to reveal what parents need to know about supplements, and our Director of Communications to share ways to maximize productivity while reducing stress.

Our latest offering? A “pop in” event (with free popcorn, of course) all about our Wellness Incentive Program, which encourages team members to get biometric screenings and nutrition consultations in exchange for discounted medical insurance premiums. We’d be remiss not to mention our additional wellness-inspired benefits, like Fit Bucks – a yearly stipend for team members who participate together in a sporting event, such as a marathon, soccer league, or even ice skating. N2 also offers a $400 annual marriage stipend team members can use for counseling or retreats with their spouse. These efforts encourage wellness and camaraderie both in and out of office, which is a core company principle.

Promoting and maintaining a great workplace culture is N2’s top priority, which means having a healthy team is supremely important. We started with great leadership as our foundation, on which we’ve built our sturdy Culture Deck and added meaningful benefits and resources. As demonstrated here,  we also heavily rely on our dedicated Wellness team to keep us standing strong – mentally and physically. And what a great job they’ve done! We certainly didn’t need an award to tell us they’re rocking it, but we’ll enjoy the recognition just the same. Celebratory juice cleanse, anyone?

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