N2 Publishing Climbs Ladder on Best Workplaces for Women List

By Sara Ballhaussen Sep 22, 2016

Creating an environment that pushes employees to excel in the office and at home is one of the reasons N2 Publishing made the cut again for this year’s 100 Best Workplaces for Women.

This culture of work-life balance is what attracted Lauren Cozart to the job. Before coming on board last year, she struggled with making sure she spent enough time with her family.

"For me, I've actually found a professional home that wants me to have time for myself and for my kids," she said. "My leaders at N2 continually remind me to keep home first and work second. Because of that, I feel more connected with my children than I ever have during my professional life."

Continued feedback from employees like Cozart helped N2 Publishing rise from the bottom to the top of the list – going from 98 to 15 and beating out nationally recognized companies such as Hyatt Hotels, L.L.Bean and Etsy.

To score and rank companies for how women are regarded in the workplace, Great Place to Work and Fortune anonymously surveyed more than 137,700 female employees. Questions centered on how frequently they experience the behaviors that create a great workplace, including: their assessment of how fairly they're treated no matter their gender; the quality and authenticity of communications with managers; and equitable pay and promotion practices.

Scores also took into account how well-represented women were within the company, as well as management and executive positions.

The workforce at N2 Publishing, which produces more than 900 community magazines for neighborhoods around the country, consists of more than 60 percent women.

"Our leadership team started this company by making work-life balance a priority," said Katherine Daniel, director of human resources and marketing at N2 Publishing. "We work hard to continue to foster a culture in which every team member can grow personally and professionally."

Morgan Calhoun joined N2 Publishing right out of college more than five years ago and credits the company's support system to her progress.

"Honestly, I owe a huge part of my success to the support system I had when I started, and continue to have at N2," she said. "It was definitely intimidating being so young and trying to assert myself in the business world, but so many people poured into me and took me under their wing. As a young person, I was in really close contact with some of the best sales people in the U.S. That's not an experience I could have gotten anywhere else."

According to Great Place to Work®, there's a strong correlation between being able to talk openly with company executives and feeling that a workplace is fair.

"Traditionally, communication channels with leaders have been less available to women than to men," said Michael C. Bush, CEO of Great Place to Work®. "The Best Workplaces for Women do well at paving the way for those open dialogs, and as a result, women are more likely to feel they get fair consideration in their jobs and careers."

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