We’ll Be Off the Grid For Two Weeks. Here’s Why.

By Claire Barham Dec 15, 2017

Don’t expect to hear from us until the New Year. Why the silence? It’s for a great reason, I promise: Our team members will be busy enjoying the holidays and ringing in the New Year with the ones they love.

That’s awesome, you may be thinking. And I agree. It’s one of the really cool ways our leaders “walk the walk,” as in they don’t just say our culture is to care about people, they show it. Our two-week Holiday Break is, in my personal opinion, work-life balance at its finest. But I’d be remiss to leave you thinking it’s all fun and games leading up to the end-of-year recess.  

For a large, deadline-driven company like N2, being in a position to take the break is 100% a team effort. Everybody – Area Directors, graphic designers, print machine operators, you name it – comes together and puts their nose to the grindstone to create, print, and ship out November and December issues of our neighborhood publications on a (much) tighter-than-usual schedule; all so we can take a collective step (or gigantic leap) back come Break time. It’s in these final weeks of the year I’m most thankful to work alongside fellow culture fits; people who never think that’s not my job and who don’t count the hours worked, but instead, focus on what needs to be done.

The motivation to work hard and reach Holiday Break is real. After all, the pay-off is two full weeks without job responsibilities. This year, it’s seventeen days of me-time, family-time, dog-time, finally-finishing-the-book-I’ve-been-slowly-reading-for-months-time. It’s a time our people can finish Christmas shopping, get end-of-year finances in order, attend appointments (doctor, dentist, hair salon) without having to schedule around a work day, take a week-long vacation overseas, you name it.

As a company, we apologize for any inconvenience our Holiday Break may bring, but we’re not sorry for enjoying the benefits of our culture – one that truly aims to balance work and life, strengthen the family, and simply care about the wellbeing of our people.

If you’d like to work at a company that values work-life balance – and if you’d like to enjoy two weeks off over the holidays next year – check out our openings here.

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