Our Office is Jaw-Dropping...ly Plain. Here's Why.

By Allie Hartzog Mar 06, 2018


Let’s go back in time a year – before I called the N2 Home Office “home.”

I was desperate to join a company that values its team members; one where integrity and humility are characteristics actually put into practice. After filling out an online application, I drove over to N2 Publishing’s office building during my very inflexible lunch break to drop off a printed resume in person. I wanted to let them know I meant business.

I quickly realized it’s no easy feat to find N2 – the building is devoid of any signage. Once I walked up to what I hoped was N2 Publishing and found my way into the lobby, I was met not with a receptionist, but with a cardboard cutout of a koala bear happily staring at me. I meandered into an elevator with a curious pipe cleaner-formed, googly-eyed animal tucked into one of its corners. This brought me to the second floor. I walked down a dimly-lit, yet cheerfully decorated wall full of photographs of people having fun. At that point I fully understood that this is no “regular” office. Amused and confused, I heard something in the distance. A cheer! A ball? Ping pong. And that is where I found some team members on a creative break who delightfully directed me to HR.


Some of you may have mixed feelings about the way I’ve just described our Home Office building. And that’s okay. I find it thoroughly refreshing. I’m thankful to say I am now part of this team that values function over flash, and am constantly smiling at these quirky little animals (and sometimes creepy dolls) that greet me in the hallway on any given day. I may not yet understand all of the inside jokes on sticky notes about “saving bubba” or why there are large printed photos of team members on their phones taped to our kitchen cabinets, but I love it. This is part of our culture. The people here are not just friendly – they’re friends – and it’s apparent not just in the way we interact, but even how this 32,000 square foot building is “decorated.”

It’s more than just the quirky decorations, though. Functionality takes form in many shapes and sizes around our office and promotes creativity, teamwork, and problem-solving. There are desks made from doors taken down during renovation and podiums made from pallets gleaned from “Pallet Mountain” overflowing in the print studio. We also welcome new team members and restructure existing teams on the regular, so we aren't shy about moving throughout the building if it makes sense for the overall efficiency of the Home Office. You won’t find any territorial spirit on our team.


We totally get that our frugality and functionality may not be for everyone – and that’s okay! Some people are attracted to companies who pour thousands of dollars into their campuses and decor with cutting-edge design. We seek to attract team members who believe in our mission and the products we produce. We believe investing in our people will make more of an impact than investing in chrome finishes or swanky decor. These awesome people are the ones who value the quality of those who surround them more than their office digs.

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