Our Print Department: Turning Stories into Page Turners

By Sara Ballhaussen Feb 26, 2016

We wouldn’t be where we are today if we didn’t create something we believed in. And our Print Department folks are the ones who actually create our final product: the millions of publications that land in mailboxes all over the country each month. Without them, we’d just be a bunch of people with good ideas, but no way to bring them into being.

At N2, we believe that good stories are out there. There are awesome people in every single community in the United States, and all of those people have an important story to tell. But how can we collect these stories and share them with others? What do they look like? What do they feel like? That’s where our Print Department comes in.

They are our makers. Our print people are the ones who control the state-of-the-art presses. They’re the ones who make an idea become an actual product. They’re the ones who watch the blank pieces of paper turn into community magazines that change the way people view their communities.

The people in our Print Department possess a couple skills that make them our N2 printing extraordinaires. They have:

  • Mechanical knowledge. They operate big expensive equipment. From presses to binders, they operate all of our printing technology. And, though some people may think print is outdated, our printing process is pretty high-tech. The technology required to produce thousands of magazines every single day is no joke. Our Print Department knows how to make a product that is both traditional and cutting-edge.
  • A passion for fixing. Car owners and tiny kitchen appliance users alike know that, sometimes, machines fail. Our print experts spend a lot of time troubleshooting our machines, making sure that mechanical malfunctions are dealt with swiftly. Because of our Print Team’s dedication to maintaining perfect functionality of our presses, residents and clients always receive high-quality publications.
  • A dedication to quality and perfection. Our Print Department is the final team that sees the publications before they’re delivered to residents. And since the magazines represent the hard work of so many people, we want to be sure it’s perfect. Check out this video to hear the perspective of one of the last guys who touches our publications.
  • The “maker’s drive.” What do we mean by that, exactly? Well, imagine a group of kids at the hands-on science museum. Some kids play around, gently touching the interactive exhibits. And then, others come to life with the opportunity to make. That’s our Print Department. They have the maker’s drive, the drive that compels them to get their hands dirty and make something. Their passion for creation keeps our product at the caliber our consumers expect.

We believe that print is the most personal and permanent way we can connect with the communities we serve. N2 magazines sit in homes. On coffee tables. You can’t turn them off with a switch. And because we’re connecting with people in such a way, we want to make sure it counts. That’s why we’re in the print media business. And that’s why we need our team of makers, our Print Department, to keep our magazines topnotch. 

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