Playing for Keeps: N2’s Philosophy on Professional Growth

By Peter Viele Jan 27, 2016

Everyone wants to work for a thriving and growing company. It’s every job searcher’s dream to find the next big thing, to join a winning team at the ground floor and then rise to the top. But all too often, these rapidly growing companies just hire a body to put in an office chair and squeeze them for as much work as possible. 

It’s an entirely different advantage altogether to work for a thriving and growing company that actually aims to keep its people on board. And making arrangements to encourage long-term satisfaction requires intentionality.

At N2, we’ve found it works best to:

  • pour our resources into our people.
  • offer a great place to work with a vibrant and motivating culture.
  • give our team members the confidence to succeed by giving them every resource available to do so.
  • invest not only in our team’s professional development, but in their personal growth, as well.

Rather than buy unnecessary office furniture and fancy décor, we choose to invest in the lives of everyone on our team. It’s a tightly held value of ours to support our people not only by providing them great professional opportunities with an awesome atmosphere, but by also improving their livelihood and well-being. Check out what our leadership has to say on the subject:

“My hope is that we are working with our team members for the long-haul. We're building a lasting relationship and we care about their well-being. I know the power of investing time in personal and professional development and how critical it is to long-term success. So, it's natural that we take that approach with our entire team.”
– Marty Fukuda, N2 COO

Our Sales Team reaps the benefits of our dedicated Field Support Team, weekly best practices calls, leadership mentoring, and semi-annual regional conferences – not to mention the ability to work from home and enjoy uncapped income potential. We also nurture the well-being of our Home Office team with daily fitness classes, biweekly Lunch and Learns, monthly socials, health insurance, 401k plans, and even an annual stipend for marriage counseling, all of which are just the tip of the N2 iceberg. We care about our people and are dedicated to continually supporting them because we know that they are what make our company, our culture, and our publications great.

Because we equip our team members on both a personal and professional level, we’re a company full of fulfilled and happy individuals. And as a result, our team members are ready to adapt to any challenge – a characteristic that has lead N2 to experience unprecedented growth as a print media company in the digital age. So just as our publications are compiled and designed with great detail and care, so too are our people recruited, on-boarded, trained, and coached with great detail and care; this ensures that our culture and the healthy growth of N2 continues to proliferate for decades to come. We’re actively seeking talented people that fit our team culture; check out our list of openings to find out more.

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