Sandy Proffitt: From Yellow Pages to Red

By Allie Hartzog Mar 19, 2019

Before joining N2 Publishing, Sandy Proffitt sold advertising for a yellow pages directory for 25 years in Amarillo, Texas. Over that quarter-century, she gained experience in just about every department, and spent time actually cutting, pasting, and laying out the phone book. Throughout this experience, she had the pleasure of partnering with clients who grew to become more like family. In fact, these bonds continued to flourish from one product to the next, and today, many of those same clients now advertise in her N2 publications.

How did we manage to coax Sandy away from the grasp of the yellow pages, you wonder? Through the power of a personal recruit. Sandy’s husband, Branden, owns Prestigious Pools in Amarillo, and he was one of Area Director Brady Schenk’s first advertisers in his Life in The Colonies publication. Through that partnership, she and Branden saw firsthand what N2 products can do for both clients and their community. And for two years, Brady was whispering in Sandy’s ear, encouraging her to switch from the yellow pages and ramp-up her own publication with N2. One day, it finally clicked.

Not Your Typical J-O-B

On January 27, 2015, Sandy woke up and declared to Branden, “Guess what? I’m quitting my J-O-B today and am going to pursue this N2 thing.”

As the process got underway, Sandy recalled, “I had numerous phone calls with [Region Director] Kevin Ryan before training and he just told me to sit there and be quiet. We still joke about that! So I basically just sat there toward the back of the room. I had no doubt I could do it, I just had to go through the process. I didn’t ask any questions; I just sat and soaked it all in.”

Training came quickly in February, and thanks to either Kevin’s encouragement, Sandy’s commitment to hustling, or a little of both, she was able to launch just six weeks later.

“They trusted me and knew I wouldn’t lead them down the wrong path,” said Sandy.

Already used to booking 15 to 20 appointments a week, every week, for sales with the yellow pages, she simply kept that same routine with N2. During ramp-up, Sandy averaged an impressive 12 to 16 appointments each week, sharing her husband’s workspace at Prestigious Pools.

“I was at the office sometimes at 5:30am, no later than 6:00am, and got all my emails done by the time I needed to start my appointments at 7:30am or 8:00am every day. But I don’t work like that now,” she clarified. “I try to have a minimum of five appointments a week now. Sometimes it’s more or less, but on Fridays, we do the Friday Five, and it’s so much easier going into the next week if you already have appointments on the book.”

In 2016, Sandy launched her second publication and bought a third, Brady’s newsletter – the same one that inspired her to join N2 in the first place. She went on to win N2’s Rookie of the Year honor in 2016, as well as the Southern Region Culture Award in 2018.

People First

“My word for this year is ‘serve’ because I’m all about helping people and paying it forward,” Sandy said, inspired by the camaraderie she feels among fellow Area Directors. “I’m kind of like the cheerleader for my team. They know they can call me day or night for anything. I just try to give back to people whatever I can give.”

Indeed, Sandy is known as her region’s biggest fan. She thrives on the interaction with others, whether it’s meeting a potential client for the first time or throwing a big event for her community. And for those wondering if Branden is now advertising in Sandy’s publications, the answer is of course, YES. In fact, Sandy proudly says he’s her highest-paying advertiser. She quips, “There are no free lunches here, baby. He advertises and he pays full price!”

It’s no surprise you’ll usually find Sandy excelling on sales calls, out talking to residents, and meeting with clients. But in 2017, this temporarily wasn’t the case. Her primary attention changed to her family.

“I pretty much checked out and hardly even worked. I worked really hard the years before, and thank God I had the income from previous sales coming in because I focused all my time on [my family],” she remembered.

Team West Texas

Sandy went on to admit, “If I’d still been in the yellow pages business, I would have lost my job. But N2 is such an amazing company to allow you to do what you need to do with your family and support you through that. The Life.Work.Care. team was so supportive during that time. N2  allowed me to focus on my [family] and myself.”

“[The culture] has totally changed my life for the better since I’ve been at N2, where my j-o-b doesn’t have to come first,” she added. It’s evident Sandy, in all aspects of her work life, is the true embodiment of N2’s mission – she’s equally focused on strengthening her family and creating wealth for everyone involved.

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