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By Allie Hartzog May 09, 2018

Have you ever had one of those days when, after going nonstop for hours, you take inventory of what you’ve accomplished and... draw a blank? If you just broke out in a sweat, don’t fret. It happens to even the most organized among us. So what’s the trick to consistently crushing it (it being the daunting tasks on your To Do list)? According to N2 Sales Director Karen Ryan, it’s mapping out your time – both professional and personal.

Setting your schedule does take some time in the beginning, but saves you so much more in the long run. This is true especially for those who work from home or make a commission-based salary. And even the most type-A of planners (you know who you are, with your pristine agendas and color-coded calendars) can use help differentiating between work hours and personal time. At N2, we provide tried-and-true resources for Area Directors so they know what a weekly schedule should look like for their best chance at success – and, yes, this includes scheduling precious personal time like taking the kids to practice or brunch with friends.

Take some queues below from Karen, aka N2’s “schedule extraordinaire,” on how to best organize your week and set yourself up for the most productive month yet.

When Creating Your Weekly Schedule…


  • Think Big

Before you get down to the nitty-gritty, let yourself dream! Think about how much you're currently earning and how much you want to earn in the future. If you’re hitting your goal, keep on keeping on! If not, what extra steps could you schedule in this week to get even a little bit closer to your earning potential?

  • Group Similar Tasks

Devote days of the week to certain tasks. For example, clump your appointment times together in one day or on certain mornings. Check and respond to emails only at the end of each day to keep distractions at a minimum – an inbox can quickly turn into a rabbit hole! Make your leads list all in one sitting; don’t break it up over the week (Karen does hers on Friday afternoons). While you’re at it, go ahead and schedule your leads contacts for the following day (Karen starts her week off contacting leads – with a big cup of coffee). For the days in between, schedule time to catch up with a daily accountability partner (buddy or coach) to keep motivation strong!

  • Schedule Personal Obligations

Schedule even the small things like doctors appointments, carpool, taking the pet to the groomer, or volunteering. If it’s on your calendar, you can feel good about spending the time on it because it’s been planned for – and be honest with yourself about how much time you may need per obligation.

Find out what works best for your time, make a plan, and stick to it!

Schedulers, unite!

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