Still Seeking

By Duane Hixon Aug 29, 2017

My three-year-old son, Max, is all about hide-and-seek right now. And he hides like a three-year-old – in the exact same spot under our kitchen table every time. He isn’t even quiet.

“Where is Max,” I call out.
“Over here,” he responds.
“Did that come from the closet?”
“No! I’m right here,” Max shares openly.

He likes to be found, but what he really likes is what happens right before – being actively sought after. We don’t just will people to appear from their hiding places. It takes intentional action to find Max, and it’s the same for finding radiators for our team at N2. It’s the constant act of seeking that’s allowed us to build the successful team we have today, and it’s the reason we’re achieving some crazy things.

Two weeks ago, N2 Publishing made the Inc. 5000 list for the seventh year in a row. Yeah, we can admit we’ve had a lot of luck – things that went our way we couldn’t have anticipated. But one thing we make sure we do consistently is seek out great people.

We seek people who take responsibility for their actions. We seek people who want to be better tomorrow than they are today. And we seek people who remain humble no matter what success they may find. We seek people that are radiators, not drains.

Still today, as we continue to grow, we are actively seeking more of these individuals to join our team. There’s a ton of opportunity for the right people to help push us even further. And their success is our success.

We’re grateful for the recognition, but we aren’t done seeking.

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