The Best Culture in the World

By Marty Fukuda Nov 02, 2017

We’ve built a strong culture at N2 by consistently being intentional about who we hire and how we train them (with our veteran team members leading the way). Still, we’re always pushing to strengthen it even further.  Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to address the 150+ team members who attended our monthly Home Office Team meeting, and I issued a “culture challenge” of sorts. In the spirit of pursuing, as author Jim Collins would put it, a B.H.A.G. (Big Hairy Audacious Goal), I asked the crowd, “can we have the best culture in the world?”

Of course, I understand that you couldn’t possibly prove this sort of thing -- it’s not quantifiable. Yet, I could also make the case that if a culture is exceptional, it would be equally difficult to reject. And, if you’re fortunate to work for a company with a stellar culture, then it might also be reasonable for you to believe you are part of the best culture in the world. After all, it’s not about this fictitious title; it’s about the feel. Knowing you’re valued -- that not only does the work matter, but you do, too.

How does N2 Publishing get the “feel” of the best culture in the world? By asking the right questions:

  1. Can we be the best at how we treat our team members?
  2. Can we be the best at how we connect with our team members?
  3. Can we develop the best relationships with our team members?
  4. Can we be the best at putting our team members in positions to succeed?
  5. Can we create an environment where we have the most fun?
  6. Can we create an environment full of people who care the most?

If we work every day to make sure the answer to each question is a positively-emphatic “YES!,” then I would confidently believe we might have the best culture in the world.

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