The N2 Design Department: Bringing Our Publications to Life

By Peter Viele Feb 17, 2016

Design. Affects. Everything.

Whether we like to admit it or not, we all judge a book by its cover. At N2, we know the way our magazines look affects whether or not our readers actually want to read our community-driven content. It affects whether or not businesses want their advertisements featured in our pages. That’s why we hold good looks as a cornerstone of our product strategy. And that’s why we we’ve invested in hiring exceptionally skilled graphic designers from all over the U.S.

The N2 Design Team crafts each Area Director’s publication in our unique, award-winning N2 style with laser-focused precision and care. Whether it’s a precious pet or an athletic adolescent, our graphic artists know that these stories are important to their individual communities; they know that they help tell these stories through their thoughtful and carefully crafted layouts.

When our Area Directors submit their neighborhood content and photos to our Design Team, our capable and gifted digital creatives do what they do best, and the stories come to life within the pages of our publications. And leaving the aesthetic element of the publications to the Design Team frees the Sales Team up to focus on providing excellent customer service to their clientele and building relationships with their area residents. The Design Team offers:

  • Publication Design and Layout: The “look and feel” of each one of our publications rests in our graphic artists’ talented and capable hands. Our developed magazine style and team-driven approach guarantee that whether the designer is a seasoned Creative Director or a new Intern, each of the thousands of issues are perfectly crafted and cohesively uniform.

  • Advertisement Creation: Publication layout and design is only the half of it! Our creative team also curates custom advertisements for our Area Director’s clients upon request. There’s a wide array of clients that N2 works with from a local lawn care provider or a mom n’ pop stop n’ shop, to a big box store or a large automotive company – and each advertiser has very different needs. The Design Team is there to ensure that every ad is given an individualized look for maximum impact.

One thing’s for sure: if we didn’t have an incredibly talented team of artists to creatively design all of our neighborhood stories and photos, then N2 would certainly not be what it is today. We have an excellent product, but it takes our dynamic Design Team to make sure that, each month, hundreds of thousands of people receive a beautifully designed community magazine.

So, go ahead. It’s okay to judge our books by their covers.

If you’re interested in joining an innovative team with a great cultural atmosphere, we’re looking for more Area Directors who would like to tell their community stories with style. Check out our openings for more.

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