The N2 Home Office: Six Reasons You're Never Alone

By Peter Viele Feb 03, 2016

Starting down a new career path can be intimidating. We play out innumerable uncertainties in our minds associated with the prospect of taking on a new position: What will my daily workload look like? Will I get along with the people I work with? Will I have the right support to perform my tasks effectively? At N2, we want to take the guesswork out of the equation for our new Area Directors. That’s why we’ve spent the last twelve years listening to feedback from our team, evaluating and re-evaluating the way we do things, and honing our program.

Our new Area Directors are welcomed into our exciting and team-driven culture. They’re encouraged and coached throughout the entire process. While our Area Directors have the flexibility to make their own schedules and work from home, our goal is to never let anyone feel as though they are out in the Field on their own.

In addition to Sales Team Leaders that provide optional coaching and learning opportunities, the Home Office provides even more. This includes dedicated departments to ensure that Area Directors have assistance each step of the way so that they can focus on their neighborhood and their clients:

  • Field Support – This team is entirely devoted to training Area Directors on procedures, walking them through deadlines, coaching them on N2 technologies, and addressing any and every concern or issue that an Area Director may run in to at any time. 
  • Editing – When our Area Directors go to print, our detail-focused Editors ensure that their publications have been proofread and edited for any grammatical errors.
  • Design – All our Area Directors need to do for designing their publication is submit the content and the photos – that’s all! Our talented Designers use their established techniques to beautifully layout each publication with consistency.
  • Prepress – This team carefully analyzes each publication, page-by-page, to certify that the publication has been properly prepared before printing.
  •  Finance – Our Finance Team does way more than just write the commission checks; they are also there to offer any other assistance with financial questions an Area Director or their clients may have.
  • Printing – Our Printing team works hard to make sure each page is not only printed perfectly, but is also then collated, bound, and shipped to every mailbox on time.

Our Home Office plays an integral part in assisting Area Directors achieve their financial and professional goals. And it’s not just that the Home Office team does an exemplary job at taking care of our members in the Field; they genuinely care about their overall well-being and go the extra mile for them and brighten their day – it’s what our culture is all about. Simply put, the Home Office exists to make Area Directors’ lives easier – and they have their backs. If you’ve been considering checking out one of our Area Director positions, you should know that you’ll have an entire office of talented people dedicated to helping you succeed.

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