The People Behind The Pages – N2’s Values In Action

By Peter Viele Apr 06, 2016

It all started with an idea to start a company that put people first.

With a set of values as the seed, our leaders sprouted a company culture that is now flourishing and successfully leading N2 into the future. 

Why do we do it.

Though our products are beautifully designed publications that turn neighborhoods into communities and connect residents with trusted local businesses, our “why?” is the real driving force behind our success. Our purpose behind the millions of pages we create is to be a beacon of hope to our people by being a company that stands behind its values. 

We strive to provide hope that:

  • you can find real professional and financial success.
  • there’s an end to your debts.
  • there is actually a great place to work.
  • you can be successful and still have a family.
  • you can be connected to your neighbors.
  • your small business can experience success through advertising with us.

Through onboarding emotionally healthy individuals that embody our values in the first place, we’ve been able to develop our dynamic culture that truly cultivates an environment of mutual trust, unity, consistency, humility and teamwork – some of N2’s most important company values. Our team members enjoy the opportunities that N2 has afforded them and the incredible resources offered to them for personal and professional growth. But for most, they simply love working here because of their fellow team members. They love working alongside trustworthy people that are encouraging and who champion the success of their overall N2 team. Our success is proof positive that our values shine through each one of these team members.

Our people exemplify our values.

We treat our team members well and provide hope for a better future for them, because they personify our values as a company. In entrusting the future of N2 with our people, we know that we’re in good hands. Our cultural values mean everything to us at N2. We need more trustworthy individuals to contribute to this thriving organization and culture, so take a look at our Culture Deck that highlights our values and consider joining our team. We have openings all across America and are looking for dynamic, inspiring individuals who love to be on a fun and hardworking team.

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