Think You're Successful? Not if You Don't Have a team.

By Peter Viele Apr 21, 2016

Where would LeBron James be without the Cavaliers? Steve Jobs without Steve Wozniak? Sheryl Sandberg without her nearly two million Facebook followers? Peanut butter and jelly without the bread? 

The answer would probably lie somewhere in the doldrums between moderate success and relative obscurity. You see, these icons (sandwich spreads notwithstanding) obviously had immense talent, intelligence and drive; however, without the proper framework of a team to support them, there is no way that they would have ever achieved the levels of success they are now known for.

A better approach to success

Sure, scoring the game-winning point or closing a million-dollar deal can come with a rush of invigorating confidence and pride, but if there were no teammate to pass the, literal or figurative, ball in the first place, then those opportunities for success would simply not exist. And sharing in the revelry with teammates after a big win far surpasses the feeling of achieving a goal all alone. We at N2 measure success not in any one lone individual, but in the success of everyone on our team.

We, as humans, need companionship, friendship and teamwork; it’s written in our DNA. We need people, and people need us. From our personal lives to our professional ones, whether it’s our family, our bowling league or our work colleagues, there’s no denying that teamwork is a critical attribute to making all of these relationships successful ones. At N2, we have a lot of talented and innovative players on our team and we love it when they present new ideas for the company – that entrepreneurial mindset is what made N2 what it is today.

Compromise from the individual for the team

But, on the inverse of that, we also love that our people understand that not every idea can be implemented, and they fully support the N2 direction even if it differs from their opinion – this is our value of unity at work in its finest form. That’s why onboarding the right people who embody our cultural values is so imperative to our overall success. We need people that can enjoy working together in unity to ensure our publications are compiled, designed, printed and delivered on time each month.

You can plainly see these values of teamwork and unity on display in any one of our thousands of publications in any given month. Pulling together residents’ stories and photos, coordinating clients’ advertisements, then editing and designing the content into printed, collated and bound publications to get them delivered to each mailbox on time every single month is quite a feat. And without our teams of incredibly talented individuals working together in the spirit of teamwork and unity, it would be absolutely impossible. 

Being unified with a group of caring people that have your back is one of the many benefits of being on the N2 team. People go the extra mile, not just out of personal interest or for the betterment of their own career here – they’re out to see their entire team succeed. We want to create an opportunity for you to succeed, so if you’re ready to make an impact on the N2 team, check out our openings. We want you to be the peanut butter and jelly to our bread.

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