Investing in People: N2 Training & Support

By Allie Hartzog May 21, 2018

N2 Publishing exists to strengthen families and create a positive impact in the lives of others. We consider it a win when our people reach their professional goals, live good lives both on and off the clock, and generate income for their family. But achieving such a mission requires revenue, and this is why our talent development programs – both initial and ongoing – are essential. It’s through our tried and true training methods that we not only lay the groundwork for the personal success of our people, but for the financial gains needed to funnel resources back into our team and the nonprofits we support.

N2 Training & Support

  • Area Director Initial Training
    This three-day conference is an immersive course all Area Director Candidates must attend. It’s when they are provided with the materials and structure needed to begin the ramp-up phase of their publication.

  • Ramp-Up Support:
    After the initial training course and during ramp-up, all Area Director Candidates are encouraged to send any sales-related questions to their Launch Director – a sales leader who knows the ins-and-outs of what makes a successful publication.

  • Coaching Calls:
    After ramp-up, all ADs are assigned a Sales Director a.k.a. their go-to person for advice on anything N2, like client relations and sales strategy. It’s with their Sales Director that they have consistent Coaching Calls – a welcome reminder that ADs are never alone in their business.

  • Weekly National Sales Calls:
    National sales calls offer an inside look at sales development. This communication brings together our ADs located all across the United States.

  • Annual Conferences:
    Even the most seasoned team members need to be refreshed every now and then! N2 offers two national and one regional conference annually where our ADs can always expect motivation, new training, and recognition for their successes.

  • Field Support:
    While all 230+ team members in our Home Office in Wilmington, NC work in one way or another to support our ADs, the Field Support team is available to talk with ADs every single business day. They serve as a constant go-to for navigating N2’s processes and procedures.

  • N2 University:
    Available at any hour, our e-learning platform, N2 University, supplies other training resources available to ADs at their convenience.

  • A Culture of Support:
    The final piece to the N2 support puzzle, our culture is one of camaraderie and team support. Since N2’s program doesn’t involve a competitive sales culture, everyone benefits by lifting up their fellow ADs, which means it’s not uncommon to see an AD field training another AD or helping them learn the ropes.

Been thinking about taking the leap into N2, and now you’re finally sure you’ll have the support you’ll need to succeed? Apply now.

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