Uncompromising: Following a Moral Compass

By Peter Viele May 13, 2016

Our publications pass through a lot of hands each month. From the Area Directors, advertising partners, resident contributors and photographers, to the Editing, Design, Prepress and Print teams, it takes a lot of hands to produce even one of these thousands of publications. We rely on each and every one of our people with complete confidence and trust to accomplish this vigorous undertaking because we know that they rely on their individual moral compass to always do the right thing in their respective role. 


“Right” isn’t always black and white. But that’s okay.

And just what is a moral compass? It means something different to everyone. The general concept is that we, as humans, can discern the difference between right and wrong and act accordingly to direct our trajectory throughout our lives. Though every single person on earth maintains their own beliefs, interpretation of religion, ethics and philosophy, and it may be near impossible to all agree on one single “true north” for a collective moral compass, it is, however, plausible that most of us can somewhat agree on the general direction when choosing the right thing to do in the workplace. 


“Right” isn’t always easy. But that’s what makes it great.

Our values lead our decisions at N2, and that’s why following a moral compass is one of the most important attributes we love to see in our team members. Following a moral compass can be exhibited in the form of a designer choosing to work longer on a publication and not cut corners to ensure it’s to an Area Director’s desired layout. Or, perhaps it comes when an Area Director chooses to pass on a potential advertising partner for a neighborhood because of its poor business practices. Whatever the case may be, it’s these small personal decisions that have big outcomes and shape the direction of the lives of everyone on the team and even the direction of N2.


After all, doing the right thing has its perks.

A large number of our people work remotely and telecommute at N2, so it’s fairly obvious that we need to be able to trust them to accomplish their tasks on a daily basis in the first place. Whenever we add new members to the team, our Culture Deck is our first point of reference to make sure that they will be a good fit for us – and to ensure that they embody our values. In order to keep N2 growing without compromising our values, we must be uncompromising in our culture, as that is the bedrock that fuels our innovation and success. If you perused our pages and think that you align with our culture, then we’d love to hear from you

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