What We've Learned about Humility

By Peter Viele Apr 12, 2016

We rely on the attribute of teamwork almost more than any other component to facilitate our day-to-day operations at N2. And to us, teamwork is more than just corporate jargon to encourage our people to play nice with one another. All too often, egos get in the way of quality work and the cost is just too high for our company for anyone here to not be a team player. That’s why we onboard individuals who exemplify humility and the team player mentality instead of those brilliant jerks who tend to disrupt a team’s vibe. Humility breeds teamwork and nurtures our culture – it’s the oil to our well-oiled machine.

The humbly big picture

It’s one thing to strive for personal success and to be proud of it; it’s another thing to strive for the success of everyone on your team and in your company – now that’s something to be proud of. And that’s the type of leadership quality we see in all of our people every single day here. It takes courage to choose humility – as an individual and as a company. It’s difficult to place others’ needs before one’s own. But this is the quality that our leaders display day in and day out.

Starting with our leaders who set this tone of humility through sacrificing themselves to the benefit of their team and the company, our hope is to see this team-minded attitude of humility for the greater good proliferate not only throughout our company, but into the lives of everyone we encounter. From our Area Directors who interact with our residents and clients, to our Home Office teams that rely on one another to do their best, humility is a vital necessity and it, amazingly, radiates throughout N2.


The difference humility makes

We embrace diverse work styles as long asour values are embodied by the individual. We love to see it when everyone accomplishes their goals together, removing any need for pretensions or entitlements. When everyone comes together in humility as a team, great things begin to happen.

Humility is defined as a quality or state of not thinking you are better than other people; this is a core trait of our people and is one of the biggest reasons people love being a part of the N2 team. Humble attitudes stimulate and foster our team-driven culture, and we’re seeking more ambitious and trustworthy individuals to continue to build upon our teamwork-centric culture and help propel N2 into the future. These are the types of individuals that can put their team’s needs first, who aren’t entitled based on their merits, own their mistakes when they pop up, fit our culture and embody our values.

If you believe that you can make difference with humility, then review our N2 Culture Deck, check out our open positions and fill out an application – we’d love to have you.

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