Why Wait to Graduate? Bryan Simpkins’ Path To Business Ownership With N2

By Claire Barham May 10, 2017

Most college students are busy balancing class attendance, hours of studying, and quality party time. New business owners are plenty busy building connections, finding clients, and working out every little detail to yield success. So, to say Bryan Simpkins was “busy” when he began ramping up an N2 publication while completing his last semester in college seems like a bit of an understatement.

From 7:00am until noon, his time was devoted to N2 – calling and visiting local businesses to spread the word about his publication. From noon until 8:00pm, he was at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas working to complete his final 18 credit hours. Naturally, work spilled into the weekends, but this didn’t deter him from achieving his dream: business ownership.


Bryan knew from a young age he wanted to own his own business. It was a dream he thought he’d achieve only after years spent in the corporate world grinding out too many hours each week. And while in college, the opportunity to follow that path was laid out for him.

“I had a corporate internship and was ranked a top 20 intern out of 200. This meant I could work in one of the stores for a few years, then move up to a corporate position,” Bryan said. “I spoke to the local corporate rep and he said he made just under six figures. That’s a great income, but he still puts in 90 hours a week and has worked for 15 years just to get where he is today."

While on LinkedIn, Bryan came across a description of the N2 Area Director (AD) role. It hit him: He didn’t have to climb a corporate ladder to get to his dream job. He sent in his application and started ramping up his own publication right before the start of his last semester in school.


Today, just a few years into his N2 business, Bryan says he’s able to make double, even triple what he believes he would be making if he’d gone the corporate route. But his decision to choose N2 didn’t simply come down to money.

“I’m thankful every day for the lifestyle that N2 Publishing allows me,” he said. “I don’t know where else I could find an opportunity in 2017 to own my own business, have a ton of flexibility, have leaders who really care about their team, and also have the chance to earn the income that N2 allows.”

Despite the benefits of the job, there were initial hesitations. For example, unlike N2, his parents knew the corporate route to be tried and true.

“With a commission job, you’re not guaranteed anything. You’re the one who makes or does not make your money. So, I had some family who was not fully on board,” Bryan admitted. “But I think one of the reasons I went for it and was successful in ramp up is because I had no experience. I said I’m going to follow this N2 program exactly. And when they said jump, I jumped.”

There is some risk in betting entirely on your ability and your product, but this, in a nutshell, is what business ownership is all about. And Bryan believed he was at a time in his life where it just made sense.

“For young people, it’s even more of a no-brainer to start a publication because the opportunity cost is so much smaller,” he said. “It may be a little bit of a risk, but it’s a great time to go for it because the payoff can be so huge.”


Choosing to “take the risk” and ramp up an N2 publication, Bryan admits it was actually an easy decision because he knew hundreds of other professionals had gone before him.

“If I was one of the very first people to do this, I don’t think I would have. But the fact that there’s more than 800 ADs who have followed the program gives a lot of confidence to someone wondering whether or not they can do it,” he said.

For Bryan, the biggest selling point, the major risk reducer, was that there’s no ambiguity in the program. No wondering whether you should be here or there, as he said. After all, many students new to full-time careers can appreciate being told exactly how to succeed.

“You open the training manual, and there it is,” Bryan said. “I’ve never heard of one person in the history of N2 who did the things that N2 says – the phone calls and walk-ins and appointments – and was not successful. I promise you can do it if you’re willing to put in the work. Especially if you give it your all during ramp-up.”

Of course, the AD opportunity isn’t for everyone. Bryan pointed out that because it is sales-focused, being able to positively handle rejection is absolutely key. And as a business owner, ADs must hold themselves accountable and manage time effectively. But in the end, Bryan still believes that with hard work will come great success with N2.

“It’s not all daisies and roses. There’s stress. If there’s a problem, I’m the one to solve it. But as long as you’re a responsible business owner and work hard and can handle some rejections, it’s just a fantastic opportunity,” he said.

“It just seems so rare to find an opportunity where you wake up and don’t hate going to work. This is the best decision I’ve ever made.”

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