Why We Have Leaders, Not Micromanagers

By Peter Viele Mar 09, 2016

Nervous about starting a new sales position? What if you knew those in leadership actually had your best interest in mind? What if you knew you would have a support system available?

We know those things can be a game-changer, so we would be remiss not to highlight one of our most significant and vital resources: our Sales Leadership Team.

These team members serve as identifiable people our Area Directors can turn to as a resource. They are available to offer guidance through one-on-one mentoring, weekly best practices calls, regional conferences, and personal encouragement and coaching. And every single one of our Sales Leaders has, at one time, been an Area Director. So they know the pitfalls. They know the best paths to take. 

Of course, each Area Director is their own boss and each publication is their own. But we don’t want anyone to feel like they’re out there alone. In the same way the Home Office teams offer aid to our Area Directors in getting their news and advertisements turned into beautifully-designed and printed publications, our Sales Leaders are also a resource -- not micromanagers. To put it simply: they’re just everyday regular folks that have been in the same position as any new Area Director, and they love pouring into the members of their team.

Whether it’s finding the best way to connect with a client or the best way to place an ad in a publication, the Sales Leaders have been successful within N2, and their desire is for everyone on the N2 team to also be successful. That makes them one of the best resources for any Area Director looking to improve their sales performance, reach financial goals, or improve their working knowledge of N2.

There’s no doubt that starting a new sales position can be daunting with all of the unknown potential pitfalls on the path to success. But when you have a team of caring (and not to mention fun) leaders around you, the unknown becomes a little less intimidating.

Ready to join an amazing, camaraderie-filled team? Look at our open Area Director positions today.

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