Robert Smith: God Never Says ‘Oops’

Robert Smith’s had a passion for sports from day one. In fact, if you’ve had the opportunity to speak with him for even just a few minutes, you likely already know athletics mean a lot to this S...
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Keeping Up with the Smiths

Which power duo runs seven publications and, between the two of them, has professional experience in the worlds of cattle ranching, Wall Street, car dealerships, the military, and higher education? ...
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Meet the Gallaghers: Partners in Life & Print

Rob and Christy Gallagher have worked as a team in business almost as long as they’ve known each other. In 1989, while they were dating, they ran a craft beer distributorship. Five years la...
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Reconnect with Better Questions this Holiday Season

Many of us will soon be spending the holidays with family and friends. It’s a time to reconnect, enjoy meals together, exchange gifts, and engage in special traditions. Much time and energ...
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Kelli Heppner: Places to Go, Pubs to Manage

This Kansas City, Missouri-based Area Director wasn’t always rocking sales at N2. Earlier in her career, Kelli managed and marketed large trade show events. Let’s just say, it wasn’t for her....
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N2 Captures Attention of When Work Works Again

How do we know when a workplace truly “works” for its people? Well, it’s our second consecutive year earning the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)’s When Work Works award, so we think that’s...
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Skip Work, Do Good: N2 Serves Day

On Friday, November 2, N2 Publishing will host its first-ever N2 Serves Day. We’ve pledged to #SkipWorkDoGood as a company to give back to communities across the nation.Our inaugural N2 Serves Day was purposely ...
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