Barbara Sheffield: Account Executive to Area Director

There’s an inherent level of care and a sense of urgency when you want something to turn out well and most of the responsibilities lie with you. For instance, you’re likely more invested in keeping up...
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Wes Goddard – Earn Your Flexibility

Wes Goddard has never had a problem with the concept of hard work. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs and business owners, he’s held a job from the age of 10. By 16, he was driving freight trucks for the f...
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Reach vs. Right: A Seth Godin-Inspired Thought

As kids, we reached for the cookies on the tall countertop and climbed the highest branches of a tree to get to the top. “Reach” was about the highest, farthest, greatest amount of distance we could go. Pro...
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Mike Skiff: The 3 Rs

Over the course of Mike Skiff’s life, he has learned the importance of three things: relationships, responsibility, and resilience. After graduating from college in 2004, he joined the Army through his schoo...
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Jodie Frankl: One Day at a Time

Jodie Frankl’s N2 career is impressive: It includes running three publications and serving as a Region Coach for fellow Area Directors. These accomplishments are a result of her hard work, ded...
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Taking on the Owner Mentality // Owning Your Work

I’ve always taken great pleasure in keeping up my living areas. So much so, when I was younger, I would sometimes tell friends I couldn’t play because I needed to clean my room (even when no one was ...
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Tracy Hutton: Hard Work Pays Off

Tracy Hutton hasn’t been with N2 long – March marked one year in print! – yet she might just be N2 Publishing’s “Most Interesting Woman.” She’s lived in eight states and 12 cities, never staying in th...
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