Taking on the Owner Mentality // Owning Your Work

I’ve always taken great pleasure in keeping up my living areas. So much so, when I was younger, I would sometimes tell friends I couldn’t play because I needed to clean my room (even when no one was forcing me; ...
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In celebration of 15 years in business, the blog below features new N2 logos inspired by our milestone anniversary, all designed in-house by our talented team members. The blog header was created by Ale...
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Tracy Hutton: Hard Work Pays Off

Tracy Hutton hasn’t been with N2 long – March marked one year in print! – yet she might just be N2 Publishing’s “Most Interesting Woman.” She’s lived in eight states and 12 cities, never staying in the same sp...
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Learning to Deal with Stress on Stress Awareness Month

Stress. If your shoulders just raised up a bit or you felt your breath quicken, now is a great time to enlist your most effective stress-relieving exercises. Breathe deeply, stretch it out… and ...
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Amanda Kirkpatrick: From Burnout to Burning It Up

Amanda Kirkpatrick was burned out. After putting in 80+ hours week after week as a sales manager, she found herself missing precious time with family and friends. Eventually, she faced the truth ...
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Sandy Proffitt: From Yellow Pages to Red

Before joining N2 Publishing, Sandy Proffitt sold advertising for a yellow pages directory for 25 years in Amarillo, Texas. Over that quarter-century, she gained experience in just...
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ROB CLARKE: Turns Along the Way

If you envision life as a map – paths dotted with significant moments where trajectories are changed based on choices we’ve made – each map would be pretty scenic and certainly unique....
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