Thanks, Fortune Magazine, For Naming N2 A Great Place to Work

At N2 Publishing, growth wouldn’t be possible without the cultural fit and dedication of its team members. A testament to its unwavering focus on company culture, N2 announced today it was name...
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Ace the interview  two small but mighty tips v2

Ace the Interview: Tips from N2's Talent Aquisition Team Leader

I’ve had the pleasure of working with our Talent Acquisition Team to conduct hundreds of interviews with potential candidates for N2. By talking with so many job seekers, I’ve picked u...
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Cultural fit

Cultural Fit: A Requirement, Not An Extra

We’ll be the first to admit that our approach to the recruiting process is a weird one. It comes down to the simple but monumental belief that cultural fit is a requirement, not an extra. An...
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Six Books You’ll Find on Our Leaders’ Bookshelves

Tell any great leader you’re looking to better yourself and they’ll likely offer this advice: Grab a book. So much can be learned from the stories and experiences of others. Our leaders at N2 agree, ...
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Dc lunch and learn

Conflict Resolution: A Lesson From N2's Care Team Leader

Our Home Office was recently graced with a visit from N2’s Care Team leader, David Clyde. The go-to guy for help and advice on emotional care (anxiety, depression, marriage, you name it), “DC” gathered...
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Radiators not drains

Still Seeking

My three-year-old son, Max, is all about hide-and-seek right now. And he hides like a three-year-old – in the exact same spot under our kitchen table every time. He isn’t even quiet.“Where is Max,” I call out.“Over h...
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Mark clark

Leaving High-Pressure Sales Behind: Mark Clark’s Journey To N2

Let’s be honest. Sales can have a bad rap. When someone hears the word salesperson, the truth-bending “used car dealer” stereotype may come to mind. But not all salespeople are created equal, and here’s why: Not all...
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