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Schedule Yourself to Success

Have you ever had one of those days when, after going nonstop for hours, you take inventory of what you’ve accomplished and... draw a blank? If you just broke out in a sweat, don’t fret. I...
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Jumping the Hurdle of Homeownership

We want the family of every N2 team member to achieve financial wellness. So much so, it’s two-thirds of our mission statement: to honor God, strengthen the family, and create financial wealth...
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Hard Work & Prayer: Karen Randolph’s Debt-Free Journey

I remember what life was like before N2 and before I started tackling my finances. I had just finished college the year before and was in a yearlong internship with my college campus mini...
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Communicating Well: Bernadette Hayes’ Debt-Free Journey

Businessman, personal finance guru, motivational speaker – Dave Ramsey can be described in many ways. But in the eyes of Bernadette Hayes, there’s a surprising title that belongs near the to...
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Owning It: Tom Bramhall’s Debt-Free Journey

What is debt? “Dumb.”What is cash? “King.”These simple questions take many adults a lot of years (and a whole lot of stress) to figure out. For Tom Bramhall’s son Luke, however, these answers already...
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For the Sake of Blessing Others: Mike Maletich’s Debt-Free Journey

Not every debt story is created equal. Some people find themselves drowning in loans for fast cars and the 6,000-square-foot house they think they need (or at least deserve). Others...
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Chanda Kero: Humility, Introspection, & Improvement

“Don’t be afraid to be humble and let go of your ego.”These are words of wisdom from Chanda Kero, now a corporate trainer at N2 who found success in sales even before joining N2 Publishing. In fact, her sales caree...
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