Radiators not drains

Still Seeking

My three-year-old son, Max, is all about hide-and-seek right now. And he hides like a three-year-old – in the exact same spot under our kitchen table every time. He isn’t even quiet.“Where is Max,” I call...
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Mark clark

Leaving High-Pressure Sales Behind: Mark Clark’s Journey To N2

Let’s be honest. Sales can have a bad rap. When someone hears the word salesperson, the truth-bending “used car dealer” stereotype may come to mind. But not all salespeople are created equal, and here’s why: Not al...
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How NOT to Ramp-Up

I began working in sales as soon as I graduated college and never looked back. Early on, my selling success came down to two simple tasks: convincing businesses to sign on the dotted line and moving on...
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Six Lessons in Parenting I Learned From Business

In 2007, I acquired a brand-new title that freaked me out: Dad. By this time, I had led and coached small businesses for 10 years, and was beginning to feel comfortable in that role (as mu...
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Creativity Meets Connection: Barbara Gart's N2 Story

Barbara lived in a neighborhood with an N2 publication when the pieces started to fall together. Her twins were starting kindergarten, and she began the job search. That’s when she found  an openin...
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Ladies retreat

Connections Made, Lives Changed: The Annual N2 Girls’ Trip

“I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to step away from business once a year with the express intent to refresh and renew by connecting with people who share similar experiences. We grow more effec...
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Culture In “The Field”

When people hear “company culture,” they often think it’s a term synonymous with office environment, like whether or not there are free snacks or Casual Fridays or an in-office gym. Of course, those ...
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