Ace the interview  two small but mighty tips v2

Ace the Interview: Tips from N2's Talent Aquisition Team Leader

I’ve had the pleasure of working with our Talent Acquisition Team to conduct hundreds of interviews with potential candidates for N2. By talking with so many job seekers, I’ve picked up two quick tips that cou...
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Six Books You’ll Find on Our Leaders’ Bookshelves

Tell any great leader you’re looking to better yourself and they’ll likely offer this advice: Grab a book. So much can be learned from the stories and experiences of others. Our leaders at N2 agree, and...
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Dc lunch and learn

Conflict Resolution: A Lesson From N2's Care Team Leader

Our Home Office was recently graced with a visit from N2’s Care Team leader, David Clyde. The go-to guy for help and advice on emotional care (anxiety, depression, marriage, you name it), “DC” gathered ev...
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Radiators not drains

Still Seeking

My three-year-old son, Max, is all about hide-and-seek right now. And he hides like a three-year-old – in the exact same spot under our kitchen table every time. He isn’t even quiet.“Where...
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How NOT to Ramp-Up

I began working in sales as soon as I graduated college and never looked back. Early on, my selling success came down to two simple tasks: convincing businesses to sign on the dotte...
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Six Lessons in Parenting I Learned From Business

In 2007, I acquired a brand-new title that freaked me out: Dad. By this time, I had led and coached small businesses for 10 years, and was beginning to feel comfortable in that role (as much as one can). As for p...
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Creativity Meets Connection: Barbara Gart's N2 Story

Barbara lived in a neighborhood with an N2 publication when the pieces started to fall together. Her twins were starting kindergarten, and she began the job search. That’s when she found  an opening for N2 on Lin...
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