Becky Clapper: The Original Area Director

First there was Duane Hixon (CEO) and Earl Seals (president). And then came Becky Clapper. This Pennsylvania native has the distinction of being N2 Publishing’s very first hire. And today, she ...
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What the Tech? Our Case for Building an Internal Tech Powerhouse

N2 is a tech company.Okay, we’re no Apple, and it’s more accurate to say we’re a media and tech company, but we can certainly make the “tech” argument. This is due to our thriving Technology department – now 20+ team...
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On the Clock: The Importance of Deadlines

Everyone has deadlines. Consider your morning alarm, studying for a test, or shopping for Christmas. Sometimes there’s wiggle room. Sometimes there’s not. At N2, deadlines are of the u...
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ROB CLARKE: Turns Along the Way

If you envision life as a map – paths dotted with significant moments where trajectories are changed based on choices we’ve made – each map would be pretty scenic and certainly unique. ...
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N2 Captures Attention of When Work Works Again

How do we know when a workplace truly “works” for its people? Well, it’s our second consecutive year earning the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)’s When Work Works award, so we think that’s a good...
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Skip Work, Do Good: N2 Serves Day

On Friday, November 2, N2 Publishing will host its first-ever N2 Serves Day. We’ve pledged to #SkipWorkDoGood as a company to give back to communities across the nation.Our inaugural N2 Serves Day...
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Things I Saw in the Midst of a Hurricane: How I Witnessed N2’s Culture Shine

It was just another Monday morning. I came into our Home Office ready to start my week. I was excited to meet a new team member on her first day, and with a large coffee in hand, I set my eyes on some major pr...
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