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Tracy Hutton: Hard Work Pays Off

Tracy Hutton hasn’t been with N2 long – March marked one year in print! – yet she might just be N2 Publishing’s “Most Interesting Woman.” She’s lived in eight states and 12 cities, never s...
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Amanda Kirkpatrick: From Burnout to Burning It Up

Amanda Kirkpatrick was burned out. After putting in 80+ hours week after week as a sales manager, she found herself missing precious time with family and friends. Eventually, she faced the truth head...
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Sandy Proffitt: From Yellow Pages to Red

Before joining N2 Publishing, Sandy Proffitt sold advertising for a yellow pages directory for 25 years in Amarillo, Texas. Over that quarter-century, she gained experience in just about every depa...
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ROB CLARKE: Turns Along the Way

If you envision life as a map – paths dotted with significant moments where trajectories are changed based on choices we’ve made – each map would be pretty scenic and certainly unique. Many life maps would ...
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Hannah Bouwmeester: Grit to Greatness

You might call it courage, perseverance, or fortitude. Hannah Bouwmeester calls it “grit.” This is what drives her to excellence and keeps her pushing toward the very best version of hers...
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Robert Smith: God Never Says ‘Oops’

Robert Smith’s had a passion for sports from day one. In fact, if you’ve had the opportunity to speak with him for even just a few minutes, you likely already know athletics mean a lot to this St. Georg...
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Keeping Up with the Smiths

Which power duo runs seven publications and, between the two of them, has professional experience in the worlds of cattle ranching, Wall Street, car dealerships, the military, and hi...
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